Saturday, August 31, 2019


Pictured from left: Diana and John Ingles (Smiley Graphix); Ken Maurer (Village of Metamora Mayor) and his wife Sue; Rodney Smith (CEFCU); Veronica and Sharyn Axelson (Michael’s Italian Feast); Julie Sellner (Executive Director of Mended Hearts); Carla Guiher and Kim Scardina (Therapists at Mended Hearts); Tamra Watts (The Liquor Shoppe); Janet Velling (Norwex Independent Sales Consultant); Russ Knoblauch (Crop Specialist, Country Financial Insurance).

Mended Hearts, located at 1431 Lourdes Road in Metamora, recently joined the Germantown Hills Chamber of Commerce and Metamora Area Business Association and hosted an After-Hours Event for both groups to show members their little gem we have at our backdoor!
Mended Hearts offers a therapeutic riding program to help children and adults gain relationship skills, increase their self-esteem, gain self-awareness while having fun learning basic horsemanship skills.   They focus on the client’s approach to problem-solving life skills with an emphasis on exploring and learning new healthy life skills.  They offer a holistic approach to mental health; and provide individual, couples, play therapy, family and group sessions, along with “traditional talk” counseling services as well.
Located in a beautiful rural setting, they have an outdoor arena and large pasture that is used for riding when the weather is favorable.  When inclement weather moves in, the session will be held in their heated indoor arena thus eliminating any disruption in the therapy program.  
Why use equine facilitated therapy?   They provide unconditional friendship; immediate, honest and observable feedback; horses mirror our own sometimes subconscious thoughts by reacting to body language, tone of voice and overall presence; horses can help clients learn more about how they interact with others and that in turn helps them improve their relationship skills;  and Equine Specialized Psychotherapy  (ESP) allows clients to develop trust in both horse and in others.    Clinical evidence suggests that ESP can help:   Low self-esteem, body image disorders, attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorders, other cognitive disorders, relationship problems, memory impairment, sensory deficits, Tourette’s syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorders, mental retardation disorders, learning disorders, brain injury, communication disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, substance-related disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, mood disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, dissociate disorders, sexual and gender identity disorders, eating disorders, impulse-control disorders, and personality disorders. 

Started in 2003 by Julie Sellner, Executive Director of Mended Hearts, who has the designations of B.S.N., R.N., M.A., NCC, LCPC, Level 1 EFT Therapist, and Path Int. Member.  This has been her mission and passion for the past 16 years.    Also on staff is Dr.  Raymond Baker, who received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago; Kim Scardina, M.A., LCPC, CATC, and a certified Child-Centered Play Therapist; Carla Guiher, B.S., M.S., NCC, MAC works as a Volunteer Therapist; Frank Disney who has a Masters in Divinity; and Bob Martin, MACM, ThM, CAMS1, and CAMT. 

Mended Hearts is a non-profit facility and relies on donations to help their families in need.  They try not to turn anyone away.   Services are also billable to all major insurance companies including UHC, CAT, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  You can reach Mended Hearts at 309-383-4323 or 309-688-HRSE (4773), or check them out at 

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