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Indefinite Hiatus of News at Metamora Herald

Indefinite Hiatus of News at Metamora Herald

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Unfortunately, I have other pressing interests in my life now, and this publication must cease operations. Sadly, it has garnered very little interest from the community and generated practically zero financial gains. While I would like to keep it in operation and have tried to find others interested in being a part of it, it just is no longer feasible for me to continue.

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Drier and Heiden finish Mid-Illini Conference #1 and #2

Drier and Heiden finish Mid-Illini Conference #1 and #2

Thursday, October 3rd, Kellogg Golf Course, Peoria;  Photo and Story by Charlie Drier  (left to right Junior's Hannah Heiden and Brooke Drier take a bite into their top place medals)

Waking up on this crisp October Thursday morning, with rain and a slight thunder storm earlier in the morning, many of us weren't expecting to play 18 holes of golf.  Maybe the storm was a dream and the mist received for most of the morning was just a free car wash for us here in the greater Peoria area.  Golf did take place at Kellogg Golf Course, the crown jeweled golf course for the Peoria Park District.  Dunlap's home course, Kellogg,  was wet, soggy and ready for this Mid-Illini Conference Meet.  The weather was just fit for a golfer, i mean a duck as it was in the high 50s, overcast, windy and misting on and off.  Did i mention windy and cold?

Dressed accordingly, any golfer would have done well here today.  Listening to the professional forecasters with equipment and technology greater than some of our school districts annual budget's in the Mid-Illini Conference, you would have dressed in shorts and a light jacket.  For many of the lady golfers, they were in golf shirts and not full length pants.  The pro shop there at Kellogg did very well with many of their young ladies outdoor attire; thank you Mid-Illini Conference!  For those of us who have tried to mow our lawns lately, you know of the mess your yard looks like after walking over it with a single or triple bladed riding lawn mower.  That best describes much of Kellogg's rough and fairway's here today.

Everyone got to enjoy and play through this very rough and wet golf course today, so the love was spread to everyone today.  Speaking of love, have you ever had an object actually gain speed while going up hill?  Today was full of that gosh darn anomaly of physics today on any uphill putt.  If you were there, you would have rubbed your eyes after seeing a golf ball actually gain speed and have a line of fire behind it on an uphill putt.  Brace yourself for a down hill putt, as they were as fast as a speeding bullet, able to bound tall buildings; wait, that was an opening of a TV show back in the 60's.  you get the picture, they were fast despite the water we have received these past few days.

This 18 hole Mid-Illini Conference match included all the usual suspects; Canton, Dunlap, East Peoria, Metamora, Morton, Pekin and Washington.  After counting the score cards and getting signatures the tournament concluded with Washington taking the Mid-Illini conference trophy back to their place and the Lady Redbirds taking third.  The highlight of the tournament was Metamora's own taking second and first place for the conference play and the tournament conference play.  Junior's Brooke Drier and Hannah Heiden, who have played first and second all season, came away one and two with Brooke Drier's 90 and Hannah Heiden's 93.  That concluded the Mid-Illini Conference with a unique historical event, two players from the same team coming in one and two for the conference play and then also coming in one and two for the conference tournament as well.  You couldn't have written a better script than that.  

Honorable mention for Junior Varsity Lady Redbirds Olivia Ehlers, Stephanie Spradlin and Avery Adami for their Top Ten Tournament round.   

Next Thursday, Metamora hosts the Regional IHSA Girls Golf Tournament at Metamora Fields Golf Course.  Great talent will be participating in this fall classic.  If you want to see great golf, come on out and support amateur athletics at its best, especially ladies athletics.  Until then, may your drive always find the fairway and the wind be to your back.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lady Redbirds Golf defeat Canton

Lady Redbirds Golf defeat Canton

Canton, Wee-Ma-Tuk Golf Course, Tuesday, October 1 
story and photo (left to right; Kate Guede, Rebecca Johnson, Hannah Heiden, Brooke Drier and Olivia Ehlers) submitted by Charlie Drier.

The final Mid-Illini Conference match for our Lady Redbirds was in Canton.  Similar to many of our neighboring communities including Peoria's Park District, Golf courses are becoming as extinct as Unicorns and Rainbow's made entirely of cotton candy.  Needless to say, this course was due to for some attention; perhaps it was due to the amount of rain we had received on Friday, Saturday and then on Sunday.  Or, was it because of the decline and interest in the game of golf there in the Canton community?

Heading to Wee-Ma-Tuk Golf Course, our Redbirds golf team knew that the Washington Panthers Varsity team had lost to Canton, there at Wee-Ma-Tuk.  One week ago, we lost to Washington at there course.  So, what was to be expected of either the course or the Canton Golf Team?  As an observer of this match, i found it difficult in determining whether or not i was in the fairway or the rough; i know the girls wondered about that too.  The greens were difficult to read as Homer's The Odyssey; in latin.  But the overall effect of this match here on the first day of October was victorious for the Redbirds final Mid-Illini Conference match.

Leading to the final conference win was Junior Brooke Drier's 46, Junior Hannah Heiden's 51, Sophomore's Kerri Troutt and Taylor Whitaker's 51's with the Redbirds taking the Canton Little Giants 201 to 218.  The Lady Redbirds Varsity Golf team currently is placed 3rd in conference match and enter Thursday into the Mid-Illini Conference match at Kellogg Golf Course, with Dunlap hosting this event.  Until then, may your drive's find the fairway's and the wind always be to your back!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sydney Billimack participates in UI College of Nursing's biannual White Coat Ceremony

Sydney Billimack participates in UI College of Nursing's biannual White Coat Ceremony

Sydney Billimack participates in UI College of Nursing's biannual White Coat Ceremony, Metamora Herald

IOWA CITY, IA (10/02/2019)-- Sydney Billimack of Metamora, IL 61548 was among the 72 University of Iowa bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) students who celebrated a significant personal milestone earlier this fall when they participated in the UI College of Nursing's biannual White Coat Ceremony.

The donning of the white coat symbolizes a nursing student's transition to clinical nursing course work and live patient care. The recently white-coated BSN students officially joined a college with a rich tradition of more than 120 years of nursing and a mass of alumni who have impacted health care across the country and around the world.

In addition to receiving their new attire, the UI's newest BSN students also are the beneficiaries of a major renovation to the college's primary facility. To learn more about that project and view pictures of the renovated UI College of Nursing Building, click HERE.

About the University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is one of the nation's premier public research universities, dedicated to academic excellence, groundbreaking discoveries and creations, commitment to Iowa and the world, and a culture that prizes community, diversity, and opportunity.

The UI is known around the world for its leadership in the arts, sciences, and humanities. It is home to the first and best creative writing program in the world, a world-class academic medical center and one of America's top teaching hospitals, and a can-do culture that fosters a campus-wide dedication to student success.

To learn more about the University of Iowa, visit

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Fungus Among Us

The Fungus Among Us

Suspected Chlorophyllum molybdites, or false parasol

Have you seen the toadstools and other fungus popping up everywhere after the heavy rains we have had? These are the sexual organs of a much larger organism. The fungus that lives in our yards benefits the soil by decomposing leaves and wood.
There are two stages of growth before a mushroom completes its life cycle. The first stage takes place underground, requires weeks to complete and involves the formation of proto-mushroom. Known as the pin stage, it is a period where mushrooms live in the form of tiny buttons in the mycelium layer, and are hidden from view, usually under the grass, leaves, or under the bark of a dead tree. These buttons are tight bound structures, similar to a compressed, dried sponge that can expand rapidly when exposed to enough water.

The second stage of growth begins with water intake once the moisture level is high enough. The mycelium draws in huge amount of water expanding the button and spearheads the fruiting of the mushroom. Mycelium is highly absorbent, but its nutrient and water transporting capabilities are inversely related with distance. Thus for mushrooms to survive, many little fruiting bodies and a wet day or heavy dew-fall is needed. 

 Sanusi, Mohd Salleh & Mansor, Patahayah. (2016). WHY MUSHROOMS GROW AFTER RAIN.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Lady Redbirds Golf Team Short of Win @ Quail Meadows in Washington

Lady Redbirds Golf Team Short of Win @ Quail Meadows in Washington

Lady Redbirds Golf Team Short of Win @ Quail Meadows in Washington, Metamora Herald
Photo: Brooke Drier, connecting her drive off of Quail Meadow's 8th hole.  Fellow teammate, Hannah Heiden, looks on along with Washington's players
Tuesday, September 24th.  Another important Mid-Illini Conference match, but more importantly,  against the Washington Panthers.  Last year, there was no change in the weather, only a change of a scorecard, where the Redbirds experienced their only conference loss. Still this year, that was in the back of their minds, they were excited and anticipating a win at Washington's course, Quail Meadows.  The weather was a picture-perfect afternoon for a nine hole contest.  This Mid-Illini Conference match included both squads; Varsity and Junior Varsity.

Playing the front nine of this 18 hole public course, provided both teams with well-protected fairway shots that opened up to unprotected greens with some wind.  Several of the greens were heavily shaded, hiding the dips, rolls, and drops of their contour where the line for a putt was often hidden.  Some of their greens were exposed to the sun all day with some additional wind on them, creating a very hard and fast surface.  Putting speed from one to another, depending on the sun or shade, caused many to experience inconsistent speeds.  Imagine pushing a cinder block uphill on asphalt compared to a drop of oil into a pool of water; that's how different putting was today.   

The Varsity match entered their top four 9 hole scores of; Brooke Drier 44, Hannah Heiden 52, Taylor Whitaker 54 and Kerri Troutt 58.  The Panthers came in with; Palmer 43, Smidgall 46, Riser and Norman each with 51. Varsity match- Washington 191 to Metamora 208.  The Junior Varsity Squad entered their nine hole scores of; Anna Schnetzler 62, Olivia Ehlers 64, Stephanie Spradlin 65 and Avery Voss 69.  The Panthers Junior squad scored with Schaberger 51, Bombeck 58, Bowen and Nichols both with a 59. Washington takes the Junior Varsity match with a 227 to Metamora's 260.

The Lady Redbirds play this weekend in Galesburg for their invite and then are back into Mid-Illini Conference mode with an away match in Canton on Monday.  Then Thursday, October 3rd, Dunlap hosts the Mid-Illini Conference meet.  On Thursday, October 10th, Metamora hosts the IHSA Regional Match at Metamora Fields Golf Course.  If you are looking to see many of the areas young and upcoming Lady golfers, this is an event you cannot miss attending.  And, the price of attending cannot be beaten.  Until then, keep your drives in the short grass and may the wind always be to your back!
Story and photo by Charlie Drier
2019-9-28 MTHS Football vs Dunlap 7-10 Loss

2019-9-28 MTHS Football vs Dunlap 7-10 Loss

2019-9-28 MTHS Football vs Dunlap 7-10 Loss, Metamora Herald
Photo and Story by Chris Lee

Friday Night Lights turned into Saturday afternoon mud. The Redbirds and Eagles faced-off on a spongy and wet field in an attempt to shoot a "Tide Commercial" for dirty uniforms. In addition to the game, the Homecoming Court and 2019 MTHS Hall of Fame Inductees were introduced. On Sunday (2-4pm), the Inductees will be at MTHS for the Hall of Fame presentation and discussions. Many notable achievements and recognitions. Specifically, Jack Hoffman brought along a bit of history with a copy of the program from the very 1st MTHS Football Game played on Sept 27, 1946.

The simple summary of the game is a mudfest that was decided in the final minutes. Both teams put their punters to the test (>10 total), had difficulties with offense and had good defensive stands. This resulted in a "no score" 3 quarters of play and all of the scoring in the last 8 minutes...and seconds. Penalties plagued the Redbirds at critical points, with a TD recall, and a questionable off-setting penalties that seemed obvious. In the final 8 minutes, the Redbirds drove to score and add the extra point and just needed to hold off the Eagles for a few more minutes. The Eagles did the same tieing the game at 7-7. The Eagles ended up with solid field position after the Redbirds punted again, and drove down to the end zone and with less than a minute punched in a field goal leaving the Redbirds with 0.8 seconds and a kick-off return sealing the win.

Oddly there was no band or Cheer team to "Cheer" them on, but a good number of fluorescent students in the Bird's Nest.

Next Game: Oct 4th @ Morton (AWAY) @ 7:30

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