Thursday, August 3, 2017

Immigrants Help, Not Harm America

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 Stephen "Steve" Miller a White House aide to President Trump, is creating a false sense of immigration evil, and of course, people are buying into it. "Give us your tired, poor, and huddled masses" is not what America represents according to Mr. Miller. We only want well educated skilled workers to migrate here now. Oh, and they have to be able to speak English before they get here. Um, OK Steve that is great right? What about countries who have been at war for the last few decades? How many schools, hospitals, and or social\economic agencies do these countries have? Hmm, I wonder, try none.

 The English Language has spread around the world since the 18th century. The British did a lot of conquering and created many colonies across the globe. By taking over in these regions, it was easy to make English the most used language. During the industrial revolution, the use of the English language was imperative. It was very lucrative to business owners in small countries to be able to speak the dominant British industrial complex language. When the United States of America became a more prevalent force in industrial business, this made the English language even more important to know. Another surge came from the development of computers and the internet which was USA based.

 This was a wonderful thing to have happen for our country and so many others. However, as of right now there are only[4] ten countries who are NOT in some kind of combat. Only ten in the entire world. How developed do you think these countries are? Can you imagine that you have grown up with bombs exploding around you and your family? Bombs that blow up the only hospital, school, and church in specific regions. Where could you find refuge? How do the buildings get rebuilt? How would you be able to get help if your government were the ones doing the bombing? What about the countries with very strict dictatorships? The citizens there have everything controlled by the government. Religion, education, consumption, and living conditions.

 The poorest countries are affected the most. These people can't fight for themselves and have no choice but to live this way. They do not have roads, hospitals, electricity, or even clean drinking water. Therefore, people are starving, and there is no development socially or economically. To them, the USA seems like a sanctuary. The idea of people coming here for peace and a better way of life for them, their kids, and extended family members has changed now. What is worse part is that "The irony is that for all the overexcited debate, the net effect of immigration is minimal (about a one tenth of 1 percent gain in gross domestic product, according to [2]"

 Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been threatening local police and law agencies to go along with his rounding up of illegal immigrants, or they will not receive funding. Immigration Custody Enforcement (ICE) has arrested and detained a large number of individuals that lived here illegally and legally. Families have been torn apart. "Nine people have died in ICE custody in the fiscal year 2017, which began October 1. Meanwhile, private prison stocks have nearly doubled in value since Election Day," according to Madison Pauly of [1]Mother Jones News. Did I mention the stocks Sessions has in [5]private prisons or the campaign contributions to the POTUS? Perhaps they are not much in total to some, but now there is a new War on Drugs, and our streets are rampant with criminals? We were headed toward moving away from private prisons because we have fewer people in prison.

 Our economics does have some dependence on immigrants; this is according to [6]Robert Reich former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton. They help to create a larger demand for new jobs opening. They also help pay local and federal taxes. They also increase the workforce to retiree ratio, which needs to stay at a 5(workers) to 1 (retiree) ratio to sustain our economy. This last part is important to think about because we are about to have a large number of baby boomers retire. Meaning, fewer tax dollars paid into social security and property taxes. This hurts the entire nation.

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