Thursday, August 3, 2017

Illinois Education Budget Issues

Illinois Education Budget Issues, Metamora Herald

 August 10th, 2017 is when Illinois schools are expecting the contributions of the state to local districts. However, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has vetoed Senate Bill 1, a property wealth/indigent formula distribution system. Illinois has used this system for many years, but it has and is still failing. This distribution formula is based on property wealth and the number of poor individuals in an area. Some areas leave out property or mislead the state to receive more funding. This action causes the funding to go to districts that do not need the funds as much as others.

Property taxes are used in maintenance and upkeep of local school districts. Illinois has one of the most expensive property tax in the USA. Many families have been forced to leave the state, and many senior citizens have been pushed out of their homes because they can not afford the property taxes here. That, in turn, causes there to be fewer funds available to spread around to areas in real need and also has made property taxes rise. Now the issue is Governor Rauner believes all school districts deserve funding and not a majority going to Chicago or Cook County.

If your child is at a school where all the kids are failing, there is a problem, but is changing schools constantly the answer? Perhaps those schools need to be updated, and the faculty and administration need to be held accountable. The "failing schools" should have to change/update how they are educating. A good model for a current institution is our own Germantown Hills Middle School. Their academic scores are high and improving every year, and most importantly the children are learning some great life skills like growing their food. The teachers are receiving continuing education and keeping up-to-date with all the new methods of teaching. Visit their website for more information.

Many schools in Illinois depend on this funding after the state not having a budget for the last two years. School's have had to spend their funding on anything needed. Many of them will not be able to function or open with out this money. The state has the money but no calculated formula to distribute the funding. Hopefully, our legislators will get this budget method done on time.

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