Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lady Redbirds Golf defeat Canton

Canton, Wee-Ma-Tuk Golf Course, Tuesday, October 1 
story and photo (left to right; Kate Guede, Rebecca Johnson, Hannah Heiden, Brooke Drier and Olivia Ehlers) submitted by Charlie Drier.

The final Mid-Illini Conference match for our Lady Redbirds was in Canton.  Similar to many of our neighboring communities including Peoria's Park District, Golf courses are becoming as extinct as Unicorns and Rainbow's made entirely of cotton candy.  Needless to say, this course was due to for some attention; perhaps it was due to the amount of rain we had received on Friday, Saturday and then on Sunday.  Or, was it because of the decline and interest in the game of golf there in the Canton community?

Heading to Wee-Ma-Tuk Golf Course, our Redbirds golf team knew that the Washington Panthers Varsity team had lost to Canton, there at Wee-Ma-Tuk.  One week ago, we lost to Washington at there course.  So, what was to be expected of either the course or the Canton Golf Team?  As an observer of this match, i found it difficult in determining whether or not i was in the fairway or the rough; i know the girls wondered about that too.  The greens were difficult to read as Homer's The Odyssey; in latin.  But the overall effect of this match here on the first day of October was victorious for the Redbirds final Mid-Illini Conference match.

Leading to the final conference win was Junior Brooke Drier's 46, Junior Hannah Heiden's 51, Sophomore's Kerri Troutt and Taylor Whitaker's 51's with the Redbirds taking the Canton Little Giants 201 to 218.  The Lady Redbirds Varsity Golf team currently is placed 3rd in conference match and enter Thursday into the Mid-Illini Conference match at Kellogg Golf Course, with Dunlap hosting this event.  Until then, may your drive's find the fairway's and the wind always be to your back!

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