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Lady Redbirds Golf Week in Review 9/8/2019

Lady Redbirds Golf Week in Review 9/8/2019, Metamora Herald
Lady Redbirds Golf Coach Chuck Danner gives instructions to the Eagles of Dunlap as the Redbirds listen in

~story/photo-Charlie Drier

The Lady Redbirds Golf team experienced their first conference loss, here at Metamora Fields Golf Club against Dunlap Eagles.  Tuesday, the Lady Redbirds hosted the Dunlap Eagles on the front nine for a varsity and junior varsity match.  The conditions for golf here were fantastic, complemented by excellent summer-fall weather.  The fairways and greens had been freshly cut that morning, allowing for great fairway drives, approach shots, and rolling putts.  However, the conditions of the course and weather prevented our Lady Redbirds from a varsity victory.  The junior varsity Redbird squad came away with a win.  The Dunlap Eagles top 4 of their 6 varsity golfers posted a 183 against the Lady Redbirds 195.

The leader board for this home match was led by Junior Brooke Drier's 43 and Hannah Heiden's 44 to the Eagles Emily Yu's 43 and Lizzie Howard's 44, so the top two scores were tied; meaning that the next four scores would be crucial for this conference match.  The scores were slowly reported in as foursome after foursome came back to the clubhouse.  The Lady Redbirds next best two scores were reported with Taylor Whitaker and AnnSchneitzler's 54s compared to the Eagle's 47 by Olivia Garber and Lily Sutter's 49 leading to this conference match loss.    Junior varsity's victory was led by Senior Rebecca Johnson's 58, tied with Jackie Mahan's 58, Senior Olivia Ehler's 60 and Avery Adams'63 with 239 compared to the Eagles 243 from Morgan Teubel, Bella Smith, Elise Roberts, and Grace Chinoski.

Wednesday, the Lady Redbirds varsity and junior varsity team traveled to Atlanta, Illinois.  Played on Logan County's premier golf course, North Green Golf Course, they faced the Lady's from Olympia and El Paso Gridley.  This nine-hole, yet very challenging golf course was at the ready for this tri-meet.  These golfers were once again favored with incredible weather at this course.  Compared to their home course, Metamora Fields Golf Club, the fairways had mature trees, grassy hills, and the other fun stuff; big fairway sand bunkers and water hazards.  Many of these fairways resembled hourglasses with sand traps the size of apartments across from small inland ponds.  The distance for these hazards played into the Lady's tee box and drive distance.  Laying up your drive for many of the par fours and fives was contemplated by many, but when you were 20 to 30 yards behind the home team Olympia golfers, that option was quickly removed.

Our Lady Redbirds left this tri-meet with a tie to the El Paso Gridley girls and losing to the home course team Olympia.  Hannah Heiden, Junior, achieved Medalist Honors with her impressive 41 at this course.  Compared to Metamora Fields, this nine-hole course was mentally challenging for our Redbirds.  Large sand bunkers encroaching into the fairways with water hazards on the opposite side, this created many of our players to pause and contemplate "how do I avoid both?".  Experience and practice allow for greater confidence with each challenging course faced.  Golf is a unique sport compared to other games. In Baseball, the distance of the outfield fence creates the only uniqueness.  Football, each field is the same dimension.  Basketball, the floor distance and height of the rim is identical, and in Swimming, each pool has the same yard or metric range. Though in golf, you are competing not only against the other player in your foursome, you are competing against the golf course and its challenges.

The Lady Redbirds face the Morton Potter's at Pine Lakes on Tuesday and then Thursday, host the Pekin Dragon's at the Fields.  Until then, may your drives find the fairway's and have the wind to your back.

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