Monday, September 30, 2019

2019-9-28 MTHS Football vs Dunlap 7-10 Loss

2019-9-28 MTHS Football vs Dunlap 7-10 Loss, Metamora Herald
Photo and Story by Chris Lee

Friday Night Lights turned into Saturday afternoon mud. The Redbirds and Eagles faced-off on a spongy and wet field in an attempt to shoot a "Tide Commercial" for dirty uniforms. In addition to the game, the Homecoming Court and 2019 MTHS Hall of Fame Inductees were introduced. On Sunday (2-4pm), the Inductees will be at MTHS for the Hall of Fame presentation and discussions. Many notable achievements and recognitions. Specifically, Jack Hoffman brought along a bit of history with a copy of the program from the very 1st MTHS Football Game played on Sept 27, 1946.

The simple summary of the game is a mudfest that was decided in the final minutes. Both teams put their punters to the test (>10 total), had difficulties with offense and had good defensive stands. This resulted in a "no score" 3 quarters of play and all of the scoring in the last 8 minutes...and seconds. Penalties plagued the Redbirds at critical points, with a TD recall, and a questionable off-setting penalties that seemed obvious. In the final 8 minutes, the Redbirds drove to score and add the extra point and just needed to hold off the Eagles for a few more minutes. The Eagles did the same tieing the game at 7-7. The Eagles ended up with solid field position after the Redbirds punted again, and drove down to the end zone and with less than a minute punched in a field goal leaving the Redbirds with 0.8 seconds and a kick-off return sealing the win.

Oddly there was no band or Cheer team to "Cheer" them on, but a good number of fluorescent students in the Bird's Nest.

Next Game: Oct 4th @ Morton (AWAY) @ 7:30

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