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Metamora High School Redbirds Girls Varsity Golf 8/15/2019

Metamora High School Redbirds Girls Varsity Golf, Metamora Herald

Deer Park Golf Club, Oglesby, Illinois, August 15th 2019

The 2019 Redbirds Girls Varsity Golf team entered the new season here at Oglesby, Illinois.  They met with the LaSalle Peru Varsity Girls Golf Team.  Deer Park Golf Club was a new location for the Redbirds as last years contest was played at Senica's, just east of LaSalle.  Deer Parks course was well groomed and ready for this event as it had in years past.  Deer Creek, founded in 1904, certainly portrayed itself as the majestic and well kept secret for these many years.  This afternoon, the Redbirds were represented by Senior's Tayler Ellis, Olivia Ehlers and Rebecca Johnson, Junior's Brooke Drier and Hannah Heiden, Sophomore's Kerri Troutt and Taylor Whitaker.  

Deer Creek resembles the Redbirds home course, Metamora Fields, with its often flat, wide and rolling fairways with large sandtraps that can ruin your chances for a par.  However, due to the age of this course, there were numerous menacing trees reaching over the top of and peering into fairways and often shadowing the greens. Many drives and approach shots were spoiled by these tall Oaks, Elms and Maples.  The Redbirds were prepared for this event under the leadership of Chuck Danner, Coach and Tom Ambrosch, Assistant Coach.  Before the golf season began, Coach Danner conveyed to the girls his expectations of playing as often as they could in the summer.  Due to IHSA rules, coaches are limited to off season contact and sanctioned practices.  Coach Danner, told the parents and players that he was excited for this season, as the girls were to defend the Mid- Illini Conference Title as they have won it three years in a row.  

LaSalle's girls were no contest for our Lady Redbirds.  For a nine hole match on Deer Park's golf course, Metamora defeated them with a score of 200 to 233.  Our Redbirds were led by Brooke Drier's 46 followed by 2018 State Final Qualifier Hannah Heiden's 49, then Kerri Troutt's 52, Tayler Whitaker's 53 and Tayler Ellis' 57.  The Lady Redbirds enter into this weekend playing in the Eastland Invite, Lanark Golf Course, Lake Carroll.  The Lady Redbirds are returning here to defend their championship title at this extremely hilly and challenging course.

Until then, keep it in the fairway and here's to having the wind at your back every hole you play!

Submitted by:  Charlie Drier

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