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Metamora Girls Golf Place 4th at Eastland Invite

Metamora Girls Golf Place 4th at Eastland Invite, Metamora Herald

(L to R; Hannah Heiden, Oliva Ehlers, Brooke Drier, Rebecca Johnson, Cari Troutt, and Taylor Whitaker)

-Lanark, Illinois Saturday, August 17th
Rain rain go away, come back here another day?  As the lady Redbirds Varsity Golf team departed from Metamora for the Eastland Invite in Lanark, Il, it was downpouring rain.  Driving two and a half hours toward their destination, the girls and even Coach Danner were probably wondering if the drive was going to be worth it as this day could have been a rained out event.  As they drove Northwest to Lanark, the sky turned blue with some cirrus and stratus clouds causing the sun to come through and give them hope for this invitational.  Last year, the Eastland Invite was won by the Lady Redbirds, they wanted to defend their title.

Lake Carroll Golf Course is not for the faint at heart.  This course is one that even the most experienced golfer would have some doubt with their drives, secondary approach, and chip shots onto anyone of their holes.  Put it to you this way, your feet are level with your ball typically at the time of your drive and rarely in the fairway.  Developed in the very rolling hills of Northwest Illinois, the glacial landscape here created some tight and challenging holes for all that played here.  Far too many of these greens were elevated, causing your golf distance finder to respond often with = good luck.  

Our Lady Redbirds faced teams from Eastland (host), Winnebago, Rockford Christian, Monmouth United, Sandwich, Guilford Rockford Co-Op, Galena, Lena/Pearl City, Dakota, Erie/Prophetstown, and Lena/Pearl City.  Many of these team have competed here in regular play along with the conference.  Coming into this challenging course after having played in Oglesby for only 9 holes, our Lady Redbirds faced an incredible foe; Lake Carroll Golf Course.  The skies before tee time were beginning to cloud up with a forecast in the next minutes of a torrential downpour rain and a chance of thunderstorms.

The starter of this Invitational gathered all the players together, sharing ground rules, construction areas and out of bounds to the players, getting them prepared to their round before them.  They were recommended to play with a high speed of play due to the incoming weather that was predicted.  Into their second hole, the rain began, but it was a gentle light mist.  That was a big dodge in the weather prediction.  But with slight rain comes something that every golfer who has ever walked 18 holes cherishes; humidity.  If you have ever had a wet wool blanket on your shoulders and have attempted to do anything that resembles swinging a golf club, you know that it is cumbersome and it wears you down.

Despite the weather, humidity and having to be part mountain goat to navigate this golf course, our Lady Redbirds placed fourth.  The scores entered were Brooke Drier's 100, Hannah Heiden's 101, Kari Troutt's 110, Taylor Whitaker's 121, Olivia Ehlers' 130 and Rebecca Johnson's 140.  The Lady Redbirds had a 430 overall as the top four scores were used for today's invite with Guilford Rockford, winning with 348 and taking the trophy.  For the Lady Redbirds newcomers, Olivia Ehlers and Rebecca Johnson, this will more than likely be their toughest 18 hole course to encounter this golf season.  

The Lady Redbirds host the Redbird Classic at Metamora Fields, this Wednesday the 21st.  The invitational begins at 1:00 p.m. and several local talented golfers will be here.  Until then, may your ball find the fairway and the wind always be to your back.  

Submitted by Charlie Drier

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