Saturday, July 20, 2019

Vidal Paulino Mixtape Release & Collaborators Interview

Vidal - The mixtape means so much to me. I've always wanted to create music and put it out for many people to hear. I was thinking one day of how many incredible artists and people I have surrounding me. This made me believe that together if we work hard, we could create something amazing, something unforgettable, and something unique. I think that is something that we have accomplished with this mixtape. I made sure that each song had a different message that someone could connect with on a personal level. Music has the power to change and touch the lives of others. I believe this to be a very true statement. You never know what kind of an impact a song may have on someone that listens to it. I ultimately want people to enjoy these songs that we have put out, and they can take lessons from it and enjoy it. I hope that this is something that can last for a long time. For Infinity.

Zack Lambiase ( Mix & Mastered The Project) - I had a lot of fun with the mixing and mastering, especially since I got to experiment a lot. I'm going to school for audio production, but I would still consider myself a beginner to mixing and mastering, so it was entertaining being able to mess around and see what worked and what didn't.

I think the biggest challenge was bringing a new kind of sound to each song. Each different beat had its vibe, and I would say the most significant creative problem to me was figuring how to bring out the best in each track while keeping each one fresh with a new sound.

 The whole project has a pretty positive vibe, so I hope that people understand what it's about and enjoy listening to it.

Luke Hopp (Halo) - It was a fun experience to help Vidal and cool to see his creativity flowing.
The overall sound of the song is unique since the beat is melancholy, but it is still a strong song.
The message is a cliche. People are holding you back because they don't want to see you succeed.

Ish Paulino (Family) - Making the song is always the bread and butter of it all, and it is something that any artist, including my brother and me, take very seriously. Always have a love for when I get to create with family especially. It was relatively seamless and always great vibes. The want to create something straightforward and congruent.

Recording is always fun trying to bring out your creative writing to then later be translated into a rhythm, and overall create an excellent product for the listeners. It was still fun and very calming to continue to create, experiment, and try new things.

What I would like people to receive is to value family truly. Also, it could be your actual family, but just the tight friendships or people that are in your life that you consider "family." To value and cherish them; to love them unconditionally to the point where you would do anything for them.

Jude Morris (Alive) - Making this song was much fun.  We wrote and recorded it in a few hours, and while in some ways that's not exactly advisable, I think it shows what we can do even in a limited time.  I greatly anticipate the day when we do another song together.  Vidal is a great guy and a fun friend to have. He's going places.

Joe Meir (Blocked) - Vidal and I became pretty close friends when we performed together at the Metamora Talent Show. We instantly put out an idea for the show, and we ended up killing it. A little bit after, V asked if I maybe wanted to do a collab. I, of course, said yes because Vidal makes incredible music with positive messages. Before we wrote anything or recorded anything, I asked him what our overall idea was. He said, "I want it to be about social media." Together we decided on blocking out the negativity. I went over to his place, and we listened to all of the different possible tracks. We chose the one and started recording. Vidal is mysterious when it comes to lyrics because he likes a grand surprise. I didn't even get to read the words he had written for the song; I had to wait until the song was finished. I wasn't worried, in any case. I had/ have full trust that V can make a song that SLAPS. He knows what he's doing. I knew when I was singing the chorus that this song would make an impact on people who listened. People worry too much about their social media's and people who make rude and unkind comments. I think I speak for both V and me when I say that we just wanted people to know that it's possible to block people. The song is impressive, and I'm honored to be featured in the song.

Josh Mervis (Wrist) - First off, writing and recording the song was a great experience. I thought the chorus would be hard to write, but after hearing the beat, the chorus just came to me. The main inspiration of the song came from the rapper known as "Gunna." We used a beat based off of the beats he uses and rapped about things that he regularly raps about. I feel that the primary meaning of the song is wealth and jewelry. That is one thing that Gunna raps about frequently in his songs.

Johnny Boi (Ties) - What goes to make the song first is finding out what you want to rap about and how you flow on the beat, basically how you would want to compliment the beat so my verse can sound smooth. Recording the song can take a couple of times and sometimes can be chopped up to edit it a certain way or for it to sound smooth. I would listen to the beat on my headphones while my recording software would take my voice then I edit it the way I want. I want people to listen to this song to pretty much not sleep on us. Many times there are artists that are young and are doing big things and aren't getting noticed. You don't know how much talent there is in our generation, but we always lit!

Cole Rich (Ride Or Die) - When Vidal approached me about collaborating on a song, I was more than happy to do it. I know that whenever he releases a song, there is a different vibe in the community. My song wanted to be about how your trust should only go to those who have always been there, and how avoiding fake people is crucial for everyone. Vidal's recording setup is relaxed, and I only had to stay to record the chorus that I wrote.

Meg Ciko (Something Real) - In my experience recording with Vidal, I have loved every part of it from finding the beat and writing the song to recording and hearing it all come together so incredibly. The song Something Real is about a person coming into your life and making you feel something you could never imagine or only dream of. It portrays finding a person who makes you the happiest you could ever be and leads you to realize how unique and very real your bond with the person is. I feel the meaning and words of this song are so powerful, and only hearing the song can make people feel a sense of joy, hope, and/or longing for something of this reality. Recording this song and my other song with Vidal, ME, have been some of the best experiences of my life, and I hope to continue to work with him in the future!

Carter Grantham (Subconscious) - Making songs has always been something that I've done since I started playing instruments. However, there is something special about making it with other people. You actually can relate conflicts and throw words and verses back and forth at one another, and the song is done smooth and quickly.

Recording isn't as easy as it seems because you have to be on your "A" game. That was always what took a long time because either I ran out of breath or someone says something funny. Sometimes it was just off-key.

Putting a message in songs is always a challenge because it comes to where you are going with your words. Some songs get people lost and off-track while our message is there and in almost every single line.

I want my song to reflect upon struggles that have come in life to take people over and go into open hands of either friend, family, or a wife/girlfriend. Everything would go better if someone is there for you.

Tyler Lankston (Creative Director For C.G.) -  As a dancer/choreographer and the creative director for C.G., I hear the songs Vidal makes and form a sort of, "vision," in my head about what themes the music video should include. Then I find locations and filming positions that fit that, film, edit and B.A.M. you have a music video!

For the G.O.A.T. music video, people should expect a video with fantastic visuals, a video that flows, but most importantly, something that you wouldn't expect two 15-year-olds to make.

I want people to receive the video as fun and upbeat as possible. It should be professional looking and awesome to watch.

Andy Foster (Photographer and Videographer C.G.) - I got into photography about a year, a year and a half ago, and I started getting into it once Vidal wanted me to become part of his business. I was genuinely thankful that Vidal asked me about being part of this because it taught me a lot of new ways to take pictures. Most of the images I take are of nature, such as plants and sunsets. I also like to take photos of people because it can show lots of different emotions. I also feel honored that my picture was the cover of the track. I feel like this will show what pictures I like to capture.

People should expect a lot of new things from this. I feel like this will open me up to new opportunities to try and learn some new techniques about photography. They can also expect fantastic video and photography from this exciting new track. Lots of hard work is going into this new and inspiring track.

I want people to enjoy the music that Vidal made. He has put a lot of hard work into the content he produces. I also want people to know that many more tracks will come out, and they will be even better. People should also recognize how he incorporates many different people in his music. He doesn't do it alone, and he has many people bring in various types of techniques to his music. Most of all, I want people to know that Vidal is a very talented person that can do amazing things, and I'm proud to call him one of my best friends.

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