Monday, July 1, 2019

Entrepreneur Profile:Young Germantown Hills Professional Growing a Media Empire

Entrepreneur Profile:Young Germantown Hills Entrepreneur Building a Media Empire, Metamora Herald

Vidal Paulino is a young man with big aspirations who is on track to become a major force in media and marketing. Soon to be a sophomore in high school, Vidal (or V as his friends refer to him) has launched his own media company, Community Guru with the help of compatriots Andy Foster and Josh Mervis. 
What exactly does a media company do? Quite a bit actually. The largest operations Community Guru has are its content aggregation feeds and social media influence of its thousands of online followers from areas of interest including video games, sports, and music.
Community Guru has branched out to other ways of spreading information too, with music production and clothing design as well. Vidal hopes to grow his company into other areas of media soon.
Stay tuned to keep up to date on this up and coming local professional.

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