Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Local Hip Hop Artist Gaining Notoriety Online

Local Hip Hop Artist Gaining Notoriety Online, Metamora Herald

A local hip hop artists music is becoming more popular online. I recently got the opportunity to interview 4oreign and find out more about him and his music.

H: How'd you get into music?

4: I’ve always had a deep love for music my whole life. I have always been fascinated by the thought of being able to create your own style and put your life experiences into songs. I always wanted to be like all the artists I listened to. I finally started getting serious with music about 2 years ago when I realized that it’s something I could be decently talented at. I figured I could start simple and learn from my mistakes and keep improving and push to be the best I can be. I enjoy making music kind of as a hobby because still being in school and sports makes it hard to find a lot of time. Anytime I have a chance I work on music, and hopefully, in the future, it will become more and more serious.

H: What are some of your musical influences?

4: Some of my musical influences at the moment would include my favorite rappers which are Polo G, Lil Tjay, YK Osiris, Quando Rondo, and Yungeen Ace.  The reason that these are my influences is that they all have the same type of style and mood to their songs. They all try to send a message to the people that no matter how bad life gets there’s always a way to make it out. Most of them came from poverty and everyday struggles and I feel that it relates well to people a lot of times.

H: Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

4: I’ve collaborated with a variety of different producers and artists. Most of the time I will reach out to producers and artists if I feel that they have something that goes along with my style. Sometimes producers and artists message me to collaborate and feature in songs. The song will be set up with an open spot for the feature and then emailed to them and once they have finished their work they send it back and I mix and master the entire song(if not already done by the other artist) and then it’s ready for release.

H: What do you feel is your best song?

4: I feel that my best songs have not yet been released but will be coming out mid-July on an 8 song mixtape. But for the ones that are currently out I would say that Snakes is my most successful and best song given that it’s up over 100k plays and still moving up at a fast rate.

H: How has your music evolved?

4: My music has evolved greatly over the past couple of years. I’ve invested more time, money, and effort into it now.  I used to record music with only my phone and a beats headphones microphone. I’d use an app on my phone called garage band to edit vocals and mix the track. Ever since I started taking it seriously I slowly started investing in more and more equipment for a home studio. Now I feel that my music is improving in quality and professionalism because I finally have a set up that a real studio would have.

H: What's the significance of your rap moniker? What's your rap name mean?

4: The name 4oreign really has no significance to me at all besides maybe the fact that I like foreign clothes, shoes, and cars and the 4 fits in because it has the sound of the f and it is my favorite number. But to be honest the real reason I came up with it is that I needed something a little more interesting than just using my name because all rappers and artist have stage names that are catchy or significant to them.

H: Any performances or news you want to share?

I’ve had multiple opportunities to perform at little gigs around the Peoria area, and even perform in rap showcases but with sports and school, I haven’t really had time to actually go for it. The only news that I’d want to share is that I’ll be releasing a couple of single tracks here in the next few weeks and in mid-July, I’ll be releasing an 8 song mixtape. You can find me on SoundCloud and YouTube and sometime in the next couple of months, I will be on all music platforms.

Give 4oreign's latest track a listen now. WARNING  there are "adult" words used in this music.

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