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Marianne Williamson Best Selling Author & Candidate for 2020 Presidential Election

Marianne Williamson Best Selling Author & Candidate for 2020 Presidential Election, Metamora Herald
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Marianne Williamson was born in Houston, Texas in 1952. Her mother Sophie Ann was a traditional housewife and her father Samuel "Sam" Williamson was an immigration lawyer. Her parents wanted to see the world and travel with their three children Marianne, her brother Peter, and her late sister Jane.[3] The international traveling Marianne experienced at a young age helped to shape and mold her into the person she is today.

Marianne learned very early,  that everyone deep down is the same, and in her mid-20's she began looking for spiritual guidance. Ms. Williamson began reading a set of books called A Course in Miracles. The Course is not a religion, but rather a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy based on universal spiritual themes. [1] After reading these books, Marianne began talking and holding gatherings for anyone to come and listen and begin healing. In 1983, the AIDS epidemic was rampant and Los Angeles was hit particularly hard by the disease. Marianne took notice that many of its victims found their way to her talks. She decided to get involved and began a few non-profit organizations to provide counseling and spiritual guidance, and the creation of Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels service to homebound people with AIDS that has now served over 11 million meals to people in the Los Angeles area. [1]     

Marianne is the mother of one daughter India, she has written 13 books (some best sellers), appeared on many television talk shows, and has a national following. She was an independent but seeks the Democratic nomination to run for president in the 2020 election. Here is a quote from her "My Story" page. (I have a feeling if she were elected, her speeches as a president would be poetically eloquent.) 
My career has not been a traditional one, but it has been successful. I have been a teacher of transformational wisdom, a successful businesswoman, and a political activist. I have counseled leaders ranging from business to culture to politics. I have been blessed to participate in many non-profit activities, including co-founding The Peace Alliance, working on the Board of RESULTS, and speaking for various charitable causes over the years. In 2014, I ran for Congress in Los Angeles and came in 4th out of a field of 16 in a jungle primary. LA District 33 ended up with the venerable Ted Lieu in that position, so I consider it an all’s-well-that-ends-well experience in my life. From what is essentially a sociopathic economic system, to a government that has become little more than a handmaiden to that system, to the dark influence of money on our politics, to the systematic neglect of millions of chronically traumatized children, to our need to fundamentally address issues of racial injustice, to our need to wage peace as well as to be prepared for war, to the sacrifice of America's moral values within the public sphere -- we need to do more than water the leaves of our democracy. We need to water the roots. We need to address the deep emotional and psychological dynamics within the average citizen that have led to the erosion of our political system. In order to have a moral and spiritual awakening in America, we need a leader who is a moral and spiritual awakener.

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