Friday, April 26, 2019

Keep You and Your Home Safe During Spring Cleaning

Keep You and Your Home Safe During Spring Cleaning, Metamora Herald

Spring has FINALLY sprung, and there is no better time than now to do some spring cleaning around the house.
State Farm® is here to help with some tips for you during your routine maintenance as the weather warms up:
Outside the house
  • Check the A.C.: Have a qualified HVAC contractor come out and give your air-conditioning system a tune-up.
  • Roofs and gutters: Remove leaves and other debris that have collected in gutters and downspouts, and call a certified contractor if you haven't inspected your roof in several years.
  • Climb with care: If you need to use a ladder, ask someone to hold it. Avoid leaning too far to one side.
  • Right the foundation: Inspect the foundation around your house, and seal cracks or imperfections before the spring rains.
  • Seal the deck: Inspect the wood for stains, discolorations, or warping. If you find any, consider resealing the deck. Also look for rusting nails and be sure to check railings and stairs to make sure they are secure and not wobbly.
  • Ready the soil: In your garden, rake beds of leaves and other leftover winter debris, use a hoe to churn and loosen the soil, and mix in compost for nutrients.
Inside the house
  • Clear the clutter: Before you start cleaning, pick up any stray objects that you could trip over.
  • Go mild: Avoid using hazardous cleaning agents such as ammonia and bleach, and never mix the two — you could create a toxic gas.
  • Think green: Use homemade or green cleaners to help reduce your exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. Make sure kids and pets can't get access to any cleaning supplies.
  • Water heater: The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years, so look around the base of your water heater for evidence of leaks.
  • Basement and attic: Check attics for leaks from the roof, and check basement walls, floor, and trim for water stains or any signs of seepage through the foundation.
  • Tread lightly and lift carefully: Walk carefully on just-mopped floors or steer clear until they're completely dry. And if moving furniture, bend at the knees and lift with your leg muscles as you stand up.
For more safety tips, refer to the following links at Safe cleaning!

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