Friday, March 22, 2019

Thanks, Grant

Grant Fredrickson passed away this week. He was a brilliant, kind, and funny man. Grant contributed to our community in countless ways. Mr. Fredrickson never seemed to have a bad thing to say about someone. The first time we met, he told me a story about the previous owner of the Metamora Herald. He told me he was the type of man who always left you feeling good when you parted ways. Grant told me he tried to emulate that behavior. I often think of this conversation and attempt to remember to keep this goal in mind while interacting with folks.

He was an inspirational fellow. Grant wrote a column for Courier Newspapers called "North of the Alley". In the final column, he wrote about one of his heroes who helped to develop the calculator: 

But he’s my hero in another way.  He was described as not only brilliant, but kind and with a good sense of humor.  If only I could be like him – brilliant, kind and with a humorous outlook on life.  For me, that’s the perfect man.

He definitely was like him. Thanks for everything, Grant. Rest in Peace.

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