Sunday, March 31, 2019

Most local school board candidates run unopposed

Most local school board candidates run unopposed, Metamora Herald

In a country governed by and for the people, what happens when very few people participate? Our local elections will be taking place this Tuesday, April 2 and many positions on the ballot have little to no options for selection. Some positions have no one running at all.
One set of taxing bodies has very little interest here locally. Our local school boards have many responsibilities. According to the National School Board Association:

Your school board is responsible for:

  • employing the superintendent
  • developing and adopting policies, curriculum, and the budget;
  • overseeing facilities issues; and
  • adopting collective bargaining agreements.
Citizens have to participate in a democracy for it to work properly. By all means, go vote this Tuesday, but get informed. Participate in your local government. Run for elected office, serve on a board, and help make the decisions that shape our future.

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And remember to vote April 2!

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