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Local Election April 2, 2019 Voter Guide

Local Election April 2, 2019 Voter Guide, Metamora Herald

Here is information from the ballot for the April 2, 2019 elections in Woodford County, specifically those candidates and questions for Metamora, Spring Bay, and Germantown Hills residents. This is not an exhaustive list and your ballot may be different. Some positions don't have a single individual running. At least one of the candidates has recently passed away.

The Metamora Herald does not endorse any candidates as an organization. If you are a candidate, or for that matter any interested party, we will gladly publish any information you would like to share with the community.

Village of Bayview Gardens

Village President
 -Michael Wilson, IND
 -Dennie Freres, IND

Village Trustee
-No Candidate

Village of Germantown Hills

Village Trustee
 -Dick Hartman,IND
 -Stephanie Chaon,IND
 -Julia Miller,IND 

School District 69 Board Member
-Jason R. Hunt
-Trisha Edwards
-Eric McAllister

Village of Spring Bay

 Village President
 -John McCarty,Peoples
 -Dave Tilley, Citizens

Village Trustee (4 year term)
 -Donald L. Bishel,Peoples
 -James B. McCarty,Peoples
 -Anthony Regenald, Peoples
 -Gene Ball,Citizens
 -Trevor Hodge, Citizens
 -Sonny Hufeld, Citizens

Village Trustee (unexpired 2-year term)
 -Jerry L. Bishel, Peoples
 -John Kelly, Citizens

Riverview Community Consolidated School District
Board Member
-Evan Ruach
-Susan P. Bordner
-John Anderson

Village of Metamora

Village Trustee
 -William Nauman,IND
 -Merle Weyeneth,IND
 -Rodney Thompson,IND
 -Joshua Ketcherside,IND
 -John M. Cummings,IND 

Park District Commissioner
 -Kerry Brock
  -Matt Bidne 

Metamora Community Consolidated School District
School Board Member
-Mary S. Schierer
-Brian Palmisano
-William Major Blundell
-Marilyn Roley

Metamora Township High School
School Board Member
-Melissa Heil
-Stefanie McAllister

IPDPL Library Trustee
-Patricia A Ballard
-Heather Booker
-Mindy R Coker

Illinois Central Community College
-Gale Thetford
-Diane (Unes) Lamb

Question to change Village of Metamora election from a partisan caucus system to non-partisan general and primary elections.
Shall candidates for president, clerk, and trustees of the Village of Metamora be elected in non-partisan primary and general elections?

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