Friday, March 15, 2019

ADDWC Recycling Finished in Metamora April 1

"The world is currently producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year - a significant amount of which will end up in the oceans. Unfortunately, although plastic is a useful product, many of these products are created for single-use - with an estimated 50 percent of plastic used once and thrown away. (1)  Now it is becoming more expensive to recycle. Why are we still producing petroleum-based plastics that are not biodegradable?  Why do Corporations that have made billions of dollars while polluting the environment not want to spend money to clean up the mess?

There are many places now that have recycling programs available and ADDWC is an excellent example of the future of recycling. Their program incorporates recycling while also giving job opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. However, it takes quite a bit of money to run this organization and, unfortunately, the price of recycling certain materials is rising. This creates difficulty in making this a profitable endeavor. By recycling plastic ADDWC is losing a large amount of money every year. This income helps to make the charity feasible.

The ADDWC must raise their prices to offset the balance of this large annual deficit. They have contacted the local surrounding areas to inform them of this increase and gave them an option of
paying the additional cost, paying the regular cost, but not recycling plastic, or to cancel the service.
Here is an excerpt from the minutes of the Metamora Village Board meeting:

"Mayor Maurer presented a notice from the ADDWC stating they are raising their cost of trailer
pick-ups for the recycling trailers. They now charge $20.00 per trailer every time they dump, but
as of April 1, the cost jumps to $38.00 per trailer. An example given was the bill for the 4
the qtr. of  2018. They dumped the trailers 54 times at a cost of $1080.00. With the new rate, 54 dumps will be $2052.00. That is the cost for one quarter only. The cost will almost double and the concern is a lot of people that do not live in Metamora use the recycling trailers and our residents are
paying the bill. Now that PDC/Area Disposal offers a recycling program to residents, the need for the
trailers has lessened. The subject will be on the agenda for more discussion and action at the
next meeting."(3)

I will spare you the suspense until the next meeting, the board voted to stop the service 5 to 1. The contract will end on March 31st, 2019. So if you want to pay an additional fee on top of what you already pay for garbage removal you can still recycle. I contacted PDC/Area and they told me that I would get a 95-gallon toter with the recycling service. This convenient program available to most residents, but I am left feeling guilty about the people who work for ADDWC. It would be a shame if this organization failed from lack of support.

And how do we go from using plastic so much to little or not at all? Is this even possible now? We have become so dependent on it for almost everything we use in our daily lives. Think about all the products in your home right now and how many of them came with plastic. Soda, laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo/body soap, food containers and on and on. How do we escape this dependence? I really do not like using bar soap but I will if it would help. I can't do it all alone though. I have started using my plastic grocery bags to make mats for homeless people. It is time-consuming and hard work but when I have finished it will have used 500 or more plastic grocery bags and provide someone a little comfort. (anyone else interested in doing this? contact me at )

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