Friday, February 8, 2019

Meet Chief Rebman

Meet Chief Rebman, Metamora Herald

 This is Metamora's new chief of police, Mr. Bradley Rebman. Many folks in town are curious about the man who filled the recently vacated position. I had the pleasure of speaking with him this morning, and here's what I learned.
 Mr. Rebman grew up in Schuyler County and graduated from Rushville high school. He met and fell in love with his wife, a native of Metamora, and moved here when he was 19. They have lived in the area ever since.
 Brad worked at the grocery store and then for a local manufacturer before taking a job as a dog catcher in Woodford County. While working for animal control he met and liked the people working for the Woodford Sherif's Department, and he impressed them. When a position opened up, he jumped at the opportunity. Starting as a patrolman, becoming a sergeant, and finally a detective until his retirement right before his subsequent hire for his current position here. While this wasn't the career he had planned in his youth, Mr. Rebman is clearly good at and cares about his work.
 Our new police chief hopes to engage in quality relationships within our community. The fresh perspective is certainly welcome, but reputations take time to build. We at the Herald wish him a successful tenure here and hope that he, along with all our officers, stay safe while helping protect us.

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