Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ramage scores 17; Warriors dominate in 37-point road win

Katy Ramage puts up a shot in the third quarter of the season opener against Morton. Against Peoria Christian on Tuesday, she finished with a game-high 17 points.
Peoria Heights, Ill. - Back-and-forth they go. The 8th Grade Germantown Hills Girls Basketball team (4-0) has traded locations in their schedule thus far, starting at home, then traveling, home, then at Peoria Christian on Tuesday afternoon.

The game, however, was not back-and-forth. Just forth. The scoring came aplenty for the Warriors in the opening quarter, with the visitors nearly eclipsing 20 within the first six minutes of play. Camryn Youngquist dropped seven, Ella Stivers dropped eight. Katy Ramage got four, and she was just getting started.

In that opening frame, the host Chargers (1-1) only managed a couple of two-pointers and Germantown Hills held a 19-4 lead after a quarter.

The second quarter was another good offensive one for the Warriors, with another four-point quarter for Ramage leading the way. Layne Jackson and Stivers both added three to put Germantown Hills up 25 at halftime. Peoria Christian had a scoreless second quarter, setting the halftime score at 29-4.

It was a slight decline in scoring when the third quarter came around, but that didn't seem to matter with the Warriors pushing a running clock differential. That decline didn't phase Ramage, who tallied seven of her eventual 17 in this quarter. Jackson also got one to go to give the Warriors their nine points and secure running clock the rest of the way, up 38-6 after 18 minutes.

For the fourth quarter, Peoria Christian was able to hit a three, that coming from 7th-grader Mya Wardle, daughter of Bradley Men's Basketball Head Coach Brian Wardle. Yet another wide-spread scoring quarter for the Warriors sealed another double-digit win. Jackson added four more points. Ramage and Ashton Davis both added two.

All in all, the Warriors would roll to a 37-point win over Peoria Christian, 46-9.

Germantown Hills will host Dunlap Middle on Thursday.

They Said It | Germantown Hills Head Coach Ryan Davis
- On his team's overall effort:
Tonight was one of those games where we could get a lot of things worked on. The girls played very unselfishly. Everybody was making good cuts, good passes, trying to put each other in positions to be successful. 

- On Katy Ramage's play tonight:
What I'm more impressed with is that she probably had 10 or more assists. When she's a girl that can score at will, not only do that, but put your teammates in the position to be successful, that's the complete package. 

- On Mya Wardle of Peoria Christian:
She is right-hand dominant. We make her go to her left and you take a lot away from her game if you force her to her weak hand. Once she continues to grow, she's got a great-looking shot. Just watching her play, she was out there directing the defense. I saw her tying kids' shoes, putting the balls away, she may have even been drawing plays in the huddle. That girl does it all for that team. She's got a bright future ahead of her. 

- On (4-0) start to the 8th Grade Season
This is right where we want to be. We've definitely got a challenge coming up on Thursday with Dunlap Middle. I think they're going to make us work. We need that. We've had four big wins. We need to see where we're at against a team that can push us. 

Warriors Statistics:
#2 Mallory Bennett (S) | 0 2's, 0 3's, 0-0 FTs, 0 points
#15 Ashton Davis | 1 2, 0 3's, 0-0 FTs, 2 points
#22 Camryn Youngquist (S) | 1 2, 1 3, 2-2 FTs, 7 points
#23 Katy Ramage (S) | 6 2's, 1 3, 2-2 FTs, 17 points
#25 Layne Jackson (S) | 4 2's, 0 3's, 1-4 FTs, 9 points
#30 Ella Stivers (S) | 5 2's, 0 3's, 1-2 FTs, 11 points
#35 Maddie Sheets | 0 2's, 0 3's, 0-0 FTs, 0 points
As a Team | 17 2's, 2 3's, 6-10 FTs, 1 foul, 46 points

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