Thursday, October 11, 2018

Editorial: Illinoisans have options in the race for governor

Editorial: Illinoisans have options in the race for governor, Metamora Herald

 Are you planning on voting next month but feel traditional parties have let you down in the past and you want an alternative? Illinois voters have several choices on the ballot this year besides the donkey and elephant candidates. The governor's race, in particular, includes two individuals that may be just who you are looking for. They are both more conservative than the party that traditionally has claimed that attribute.

 Sam McCann is on the ballot under the banner of the Illinois Conservative Party. His platform includes " life, liberty, and law and order". McCann claims the conservative high ground on issues such as abortion, with many Illinois conservatives still feeling that Governor Rauner dropped the ball on HB40 that allows for state-funded abortions. McCann also hopes to lower taxes and rein in crime.

 The Libertarian Party of Illinois is fielding candidates up and down the ballot this year, including Kash Jackson for governor. Libertarian ideals tend to skew fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and Jackson's views on the issues tend to be more conservative. Jackson wants to bring more transparency to the Illinois government and bring about an end to the rampant corruption in our state. 

 While many Republicans chide those voting for third party candidates as "wasting a vote", some people believe that change won't come about by business as usual. The Illinois government is in financial shambles. The people need to make new and better choices if we want this to change. Perhaps we need something new, besides the red or blue.

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