Saturday, September 22, 2018

MTHS Redbirds Football vs Dunlap Eagles 35-14 WIN

                                                                                                                                                            Photo:  Chris Lee
A bunch of Redbirds beat-up some Eagles tonight in Dunlap in front of a huge crowd on both sides of the field. The past few years Dunlap has dominated...but not this season as the Redbirds were firing on ALL cylinders with run, pass, special teams, offense and especially a strong defense. The Dunlap Eagles WERE ranked #2 in that state, and the Redbirds held them scoreless and to 8 yards in the 1st half. As in the previous 4 wins, the Redbirds are a multiple threat offense distributing the plays between multiple players, rushing effectively, strong kicking, and the passing (and yards after the catch) continue to put points on the board. Metamora seemed to bear the majority of the calls and they added-up to losing interceptions, giving the Eagles very favorable field position, and these would have easily been game changers if the Redbirds did not dominate the field and the rest of the game. This conference win places the Redbirds at 5-0 going into Homecoming next Friday against the strong Morton Potters.
Next Game: Home vs Morton @ 7:30pm.
(Submitted by: Chris Lee)

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