Monday, September 3, 2018

ACES Forum on Inclusion in Community-Based Employment


 Plan on joining ACES on 9/6 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at Metamora Fields in the Lincoln room for a community forum on inclusion in community-based employment. Help us develop employment and internship opportunities for high school students and adults with intellectual disabilities in our area, while learning about local resources and community needs around disability training and employment that can support both employees and employers. Please share throughout Woodford County. Come to the forum, listen in, and have some refreshments. There is no commitment being made, just idea sharing focused on opening up opportunities! Not ready to consider adding employees? No problem... we are also seeking internships that would allow students and adults to learn about topics of interest, career choices, and receive some training.
 We are currently focused on bridging the gap between graduation from High School and transition into a job within the community. Currently, the available opportunities are extremely limited in number and in scope. Our students and adults with disabilities are capable and ready to work, learn new skills, and explore career options. We can all do more to improve their available opportunities! Businesses who welcome employees with developmental disabilities into their workforce gain so much more than just another employee. They improve the work climate and culture. and bring diversity, dependability, and enthusiasm. Please consider sending someone from your Germantown Hills, Metamora, and Roanoke company. nonprofit, or small business to participate in the discussion. See you there!

 What is ACES? - An inclusive parent network focused on advocating for the education of children with special needs through sharing information, education, and collaboration with local school systems and community members.

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