Monday, July 9, 2018

Illinois lawmakers moves to legalize fireworks

Illinois lawmakers moves to legalize fireworks, Metamora Herald

By Cole Lauterbach | Illinois News Network

 If a suburban lawmaker has her way, this would be the last year that Illinoisans celebrated America’s independence with little more than snakes and sparklers.
Illinois is one of four states in the country that ban the purchase and use of all but the most benign fireworks.
State Rep. Barb Wheeler said her legislation she filed last week would legalize fireworks similar to what is done in Kentucky and nearly every other state in the country.
“Illinois needs to take a long reflection as to why they have this law on the books and hopefully determine that it’s time to remove the ban,” she said. “We’re grown ups. We don’t need to be a part of some nanny state.”
She said that her entire district is within 20 minutes of the Wisconsin border, where merchants sell Illinois residents fireworks in bulk.
Her bill would allow the state Fire Marshall to revoke any retailer’s license to sell pyrotechnics should they break state laws. The sale of fireworks to anyone younger than 18 or under the influence of drugs or alcohol would still be prohibited.
Iowa legalized fireworks last year. Wheeler said the state’s retailers would benefit from the additional sales instead of customers traveling across state lines to buy fireworks.
“It’s a missed opportunity for the state of Illinois and the state cannot afford to miss many more opportunities for retailers and small businesses,” she said.
Currently, Illinois’ penalty for shooting off fireworks illegally is a fine and up to a year in prison.
Illinois’ fireworks ban was enacted in 1942.

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