Sunday, March 18, 2018

Metamora High School Robotic Team Competition

               Metamora High School Robotic Team 4143  
                                   " MARSWARS "
                      (Metamora Area Robotics/Woodford Area Robotics)
  Compete in: * FIRST Robotics Competition 16-17  Mar  2018

Pit Crew: L-R Clay Barrow,Ryan Meyer, Cole Hunt, Joel Tobben,Sam Landau,Charlotte Wilkes, Grace Cushing, Autumn Salmon
  Photo by: Roedell/Herald
Friday matches winning score points: 340,377,235,434,329,178,415,430,284,371,390.
Saturday matches winning score points: 371,390,174.

Quarter Final Results:  Winning 2 out of 3 (match requirements):  374, 335.
Semi-Final Results:  Winning 1 out 3: 295(L) 340(w) 236(L).
Finals Winner goes on to World Competition in Detroit, Mi.
World Winner goes on to Faceoff one on one Competition in Manchester, NH. In
                          audience with Dean Kamen.  (An American engineer, inventor, and businessman. He is                                   best known for his invention of the Segway, as well as founding FIRST with Woodie Flowers.) 

* FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION teams compete with 120 pound robots of their own design.
Teams consist of a three team alliance.  Winning goals: Owning the Scale or their Switch.
Playing power ups with alliances by exchanging power cubes.  Climbing the scale tower.
Autonomous Period: Robots operate independently following preprogrammed instructions for
the first fifteen seconds of the match. Operators take control for the final two minutes and
fifteen seconds of the match.  Communications to the Robot is provided by the:
 (FMS)   Field Management System.
For more information on First Robotics visit:

Team History:
2015 Won Regionals - Breaking World High School Scoring Record with 506 points.
2017 Won Regionals - Winning Finals - with a score 332 to 305.  Record: 15 wins - 1 lose.
                                     Year consisted of building a ' Revolving Shooter ' style  Robot.
2018 - Competition involving building robots to fit the Scale and Switch competition technology.                    Robots are required to lift, place and carry boxes.

Season starts on 6 Jan. upon receiving sealed instructions and details of robot build and
 competition. Six weeks of building the robot only allowed. After the six week deadline
 the robot, finished or not finished, is wrapped and sealed not allowing any further mods.
Every team has a $4,000 cost limit not to be exceeded. Funds acquired from Sponsors:
Caterpillar, Metamora Industries, PTC-DAR Tech inc, Innovative LED stage & DJ lighting,
NVIDIA and Parsons.
 During St. Louis Regional's in Quarter finals, robot (named: "Waka Blocka" after the sound it made while running)  broke a zip-tie  resulting in a lose.  A redesign of arms and motor followed.
Waka Blocka has an estimated speed of 18 feet/sec.

                     Ryan Meyer(L)   Cole Hunt(R)

Interview with Captain Team Driver Ryan Meyer and C++ Coding programmer Cole Hunt.
"Our strategy for this competition today is to make great alliances, control the 'Scale' and exchange Force Boxes for 30 points with our alliances.
Note: Alliances were made with Peoria Robot Casserole, team members Chris Gerth, Parker Collins, Dallas Goodwin, Braden Gersich.  CIA Robotic Big Furious George, team members                                                                   Kayi Pepple, Regan Swain, Trenton Gramlish, Maddy Glueck.


Mentor: John Gardner-Planning/Strategy/Admin/Design/Modeling.
Mentor: Amy Gardner
Students: Aubrey Wyman, Jacob Schertz, Ryleigh Hickman, Danielle Dominy, Joey Pfister,                                 Joseph Koenig.
Mentor: Ryan Shoff
Students: Sam Landau, Joel Tobben, Ben Poling, Brody Webster, Andrew Kamp.
Mentor: Brian Stoecker-Mechanical/Programming/Vision/Design/Modeling/Electrical.
Mentors: Ray Tealbey, Nathan Kaufman, Sheridan Ray, Justin Pfister, Neil Hess.
Students: Derek Ayers, Isaac Adams, Dillon Wernsman, Jaycob Foster, Keegan Hartnett, Clay Barlow, Charlotte Wilkes, Ryan Meyer, Kyle Barker, Evan Charlier, Ryan Shapland, Grant Hammer.
Mentors: Jon Salmon, Nick Sikema
Students: Chris Hahn, Crew Matthews, Cole Hunt, Merrick Watkins, Ann Doyle.
Mentors: Kevin Meyer, Nathan Funk
Students: Katie Meyer, Logan Schmidt, Madilyn Ayers, Austin Kasap, Brooke Barlow, Hunter Kasap.
Mentors: Jim Dattilo, Dave Yergler
Students: Makenna Yergler, Owen Cushing, Grace Cushing, Lane Hess, Autumn Salmon

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