Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Metamora High School 3A Mens Varsity Basketball Team loses in Super-Sectional Championship in OT 46 - 49

                Metamora  vs  Marian Catholic

                3/13/18 6:00pm at NIU Convocation Center
                                    Dekalb,  Illinois
Metamora Collin Dietz (24) underhand attempt to score.           Photo by: Mike Roedell/Herald
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 Stats provided by NIU Official Basketball Box Score.
NIU Convocation Center - Dekalb, Il.

Comments from independent sports photographer Chris Lee:

The Redbirds had the upper hand for the majority of the game vs a good Chicago Heights Marian team. The Redbirds came ready to play and mixed the shooting/scoring around creating and maintaining a small lead going into all 4 quarters. The Redbirds capitalized on all but a couple of free throws this evening. The Redbirds created a 9 point lead early in the 4th quarter but it quickly eroded and Marian tied up the game taking it into overtime play. A very controversial () call by the referee in the final 6 seconds of the game caused a 3 point play to be scored as a 2.  Even when Thomas (Hall) was clearly behind the college 3 point line.
They stopped the play after the 3 and even marked it on the scoreboard. We are all used to video replays in almost every sport and the large screens clearly showed everyone in the hall that it was a 3. The referees decided it was only a 2 and then added back additional time now giving Marian time to get down the court and set-up a 3 point game-ending shot sealing the win. As coaches, we tell the players that the referees do not decide the games and you need to score more during the this controversial case the referees were clearly wrong and it changed the outcome of the game. With all of that said, the boys played great and led the majority of the game. The regular season was not at this same level of play. Making this an even more spectacular story,(however) the playoffs were fantastic! The team and fans represented the area well and the many hours of practice and coaching prep all came to a crescendo this evening. Thank you for the fun ride and all the best to the 3 x seniors and for finishing in the Final 8 in the State!

MY Views and Comments:

Should instant review be instituted into High School level games ?  Especially in State Championship
games where camera coverage is readily available ?  Should this be the next item brought to the 
Illinois High School Association board ?  Definitively, a decision the Coaches Association should make
before the next IHSA rule meeting.   In this journalist view, yes, institute the video replay in at least State Championship games.  
  Take the pressure off the referees, coaches and players knowing and living with the  knowledge:            " I made a good/bad call and can be corrected if proven or I won/lost the game because of my play and not because of a call ".   

What goes through the mind(s) of the coach(es) that are rewarded by a wrong call ?  Answer the question;  Can you live with the fact of winning State Championship knowing and seeing the call
was wrong ?  Seeing the Trophy mounted in your school knowing ?
One would only wonder what the Marian Catholic Coach, after seeing the video immediately after the 
call was thinking.  ("Do I say something or just consider it part of the game"?)
His comments were unavailable at end of game time.

One personal story I experienced many years ago while photographing a varsity baseball game
between Metamora High and Peoria Notre Dame High.  Notre Dame batter was called safe at first
base after hitting the ball.  The ND player looked at the base ref and said: "I'm sorry, I was out".
The player returned to the dugout and was called out.  During his interview with me he said: " I could
not go to school tomorrow knowing I had helped win the game and knowing the call was wrong". 
The Coach quickly commented: "He's a good Catholic boy with high morals".
A life lesson we should all live by.

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