Thursday, January 11, 2018

Editorial: Curiosity, Pamela Mc Glothen Crisp

What has happened to the village of Springbay? Why do village trustees think it is proper behavior not to show up for the board meetings but still get paid for them? One has missed five meetings, and there are only one or two of them that actually work around the village.  If the village board is doing a good job looking out the people why do you have to live with junk cars, farm animals and a lot of health violations? Why do the trustees feel it is the appropriate behavior to show such disrespect to the Mayor? They have a very different attitude when a reporter is present.

Can trustees that are related to the police officer vote on things for him or is that a conflict of interest?
Why are trustees not carrying ordinances with them, so when a question is brought up, they can give an answer? Why are residents not obtaining permits, people are building decks that are on the property line, and the structure is not sound. This is what an ordinance and zoning officer is for.

Why is our town officer not addressing issues regarding inoperable/expired tag vehicles, after residents or village board brings it to his attention? Why did the zoning officer (town cop) tell my husband and I to wait until an unsound structure on our neighbor's property to collapse and cause bodily harm or property damage and then pursue action? He should do his job now before damage occurs.

Why are we still dealing with one particular resident's dog running at large, the resident has repeatedly been fined, had to appear in court, told by Woodford county animal control to keep such dog in her fenced yard, but yet dog still remains at large and a threat?

Springbay didn't get in the run-down condition overnight, which proves inadequate leadership. It is no wonder the people do not get involved or go to meetings, sounds like they can do whatever they want anyway. Evidently, there are no rules in Springbay. What a shame, it used to be a nice, clean, friendly place.

Pamela Mc Glothen Crisp

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