Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Where are they Now: Metamora Boy's Basketball alum ('16) Nate Kennell

Where are they Now: Metamora Boy's Basketball alum ('16) Nate Kennell, Metamora Herald

Peoria, IL - Former Metamora Boys Basketball player Nate Kennell is entering his sophomore year as a member of the Bradley Braves.

His head coach, Brian Wardle, thinks that Kennell has certainly improved from his first season of collegiate basketball.

"He's gotten stronger. He's gotten a better pace to his game, making better decisions. He's always been a good shooter and scorer, but I think the strength has helped him to sustain consistency at a higher level."

When Wardle and the Bradley staff began recruiting Kennell, Wardle says it was obvious from the start that they needed to make sure that he was playing for them.

"It was a no-brainer for us. Nate's a gym rat. Any open gym he could possibly make on his own, he was there. Our guys really started to enjoy him and enjoy his game. He wants to help get this program back to where it used to be. That's all you got to see."

In his freshman year, Kennell averaged 5.7 points per game, with his career high thus far coming against Loyola-Chicago, when he scored 17 points in a 78-62 loss for the Braves.

Kennell believes there are multiple facets of his game that he has improved on, but also says there's an area the whole team has improved.

"My shooting has improved a lot. My pace of play has as well. I'm better conditioned. We'll be more of a three-point threat this year."

Kennell thinks he's certainly getting used to the collegiate game, citing things like the pace of play and his general improvements. Over the summer, he believes that's where he was able to improve the most.

"I was able to transition with these guys. They help you improve and you have to improve to fit in. It definitely helps having teammates with experience."

The Bradley Men's Basketball team opens there season Saturday against IUPUI, and Kennell thinks there's some things to keep in mind when going up against the Jaguars.

"They have a lot of guards that can attack a lot of different gaps. We just have to be able to play help defense. It's going to be extremely important just being in the stance and being able to move your feet."

He also thinks that there is much room for improvement with the team as a whole.

"We're definitely not near our ceiling. We just have a lot to learn and a lot to get better at."

Although any statistics for the Braves' two exhibitions thus far don't officially count, Kennell does lead the Braves with 25 points.

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