Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spring Bay Village Board 11/8/2017

Spring Bay Village Board 11/8/2017, Metamora Herald

The Metamora Herald attended the Village of Spring Bay Board meeting for the first time on November 8, 2017. The mayor and board members were quite friendly and happy to have some coverage of their work. These individuals and the citizens who attended the meeting take their time to serve the people of Spring Bay.

There was some contention concerning the last meeting and whether it was held legally. There was no quorum, so an official meeting was not held.

The mayor attempted to appoint a new member to the board, but his motion was not seconded.

An elderly woman accused the Village police officer of harassment and said she would be calling Springfield to file a complaint.

Another citizen attended the meeting to inquire whether owning a goat was indeed legal. He was assured it was.

The same gentleman who the mayor attempted to appoint to the board requested that the police officer not come on his property without a county police escort.

One of the most important topics discussed was the fact that communications with the attorney representing the village should be in writing for the sake of clarity and transparency. A motion was proposed by board member Kim Schilling and passed unopposed.

There was also discussion concerning dilapidated buildings and how to proceed with the process of getting them fixed or removed. The board expressed interest in being fair to property owners while at the same time protecting the village and residents.

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