Thursday, November 9, 2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting November 9, 2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting November 9, 2017, Metamora Herald

A member of the board of the Willow Creek Homeowners Association inquired about an increased chlorine smell noticed by several members of the neighborhood, as well as other concerns. No extra chlorine or any other chemicals are being added to the water according to the board.

The mayor discussed the possibility of the village switching energy providers. He wanted to wait and see where the rates would be going in the near future before committing to any contract with either the current provider or a new one.

Discussion of a fireworks display in Metamora was continued. Many factors have to be considered before a decision will be made on this, including the matter of Roanoke's fireworks display being discontinued.

The deadline for a local resident to clean up his property has been extended for 2 weeks.

A citizen attended the meeting to defend the installation of a basketball hoop on the easement in front of his home. After a lengthy discussion, the board still requested that it be removed.

More cooperation with Metamora Township was discussed, mainly an entrance gate for the Townships new building.

The board voted to replace the Fire Department’s old hoses.

More progress has been made in the way of getting a resource officer for the schools here in Metamora. Details are not quite hammered out yet, but the officer would be spreading his time between MTHS, MGS, and St. Mary’s.

Audio of the entire meeting is available here thanks to a gift from Josh Ketcherside of Illinois Central Towing.

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