Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spring Bay Fire Protection District Open House 2017

Spring Bay Fire Protection District Open House 2017, Metamora Herald

 "Close before you doze" was the message at this years' Spring Bay Fire Protection District's Open House. October 8 to the 14 was national fire prevention week, and Underwriters Laboratories sponsored a campaign to teach people the importance of closing their doors at night as part of fire preparedness.

 There were activities for the kids with popcorn and balloon sculptures. Children were in and on the firetrucks while the volunteer firemen helped run everything smoothly. CPR class sign up were also offered. The building was full of people, many families with young children.

 Spring Bay's fire department is unique in that it is an all-volunteer effort, with all members being trained to respond to fire and medical emergency calls. They also operate a cadet program, wherein local students with kids from as far as places like Washburn and Washington come and train. "We don't care if the kids go on to volunteer here, just so long as we help them prepare for this sort of work wherever they may be," said Cheif Dennis Perry.

Spring Bay Fire Protection District Open House 2017(2), Metamora Herald

 The chief is very proud of the station and the near 40 current volunteers. Cheif Perry, a retired land surveyor, has worked as a fireman since 1980 and during his tenure, there has not been a single fire death. He couldn't take all the credit for the excellent work of SBFPD. "Many fine men have implemented these traditions, I'm just following in their footsteps." He added that the open house itself had been held for years.

 At the end of the evening, and a little later than was planned (as often is the case with good parties), the night culminated with a smoke house demonstration. A small demo "house" was built with two rooms, one with the door open and the other shut. It was lit on fire to demonstrate how quickly smoke and fire spread, and why it is important to shut your door when you sleep at night. The cadets got to practice putting out the fire.

Spring Bay Fire Protection District Open House 2017, Metamora Herald

 Great night with great people! The Herald plans on returning every year for this educational and entertaining event. Thanks to all the volunteer firefighters for being there when people need help the most. Below is some video of the cadets putting out the smoke house.

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