Sunday, October 29, 2017

Poll: What news sources do YOU trust the most?

 We here at the Metamora Herald are concerned with the level of mistrust in the press. While we understand a healthy level of cynicism is essential, an underlying faith in at least some sources of public reporting are a vital part of our democracy.
 A new page has been posted on our site entitled Ethics Policy. We just want to let the community know where we stand on these issues. While we doubt many readers consider us "fake news"(or for that matter "news" at all!) we want to convey our sense of who we are to you.
 Our only agenda is to share local news with our readers. We are your neighbors, we are rooted here, and we are in this together. These are our values and we know you value this too.
 If you are interested in how our funding influences our coverage, it doesn't. If anything the lack thereof limits our ability to provide more coverage of important local news. We will never give preferential treatment to an advertiser, but in the same respect we are not obliged to give audience to anyone attempting to subvert the truth.
 Please take the poll about which news sources you trust the most. Readers on a mobile device may need to scroll down a bit to see it.

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