Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MTHS, Racism, and Football

MTHS, Racism, and Football; Metamora Herald

 It seems lately, that racism and football are big national news. Now similar issues have reared their head in Metamora. Several presumably white freshmen football players at MTHS made a video containing racial slurs and also mentioned a black teammate. This video made the rounds amongst the kids at school and after a physical altercation parents and administrators became involved. The initial punishment was not acceptable to the victims family, and the young man's father shared his feelings about that on Facebook over the past weekend.
 Outrage has been displayed over the video on media and social network sites. Many people have never even seen the video and assume the worst. The high pitched voices and giggling during the clip show that this was a prank in bad taste by ignorant children with limited life experience.
 Many assumptions have been made about these boys and the families that have raised them. Readers have written such comments as "the apple doesn't rot far from the tree" or "Metamora is a racist town." How is calling these kids derogatory names going to help at all? Making assumptions about an entire village of people is called stereotypical thinking. My family and I are far from racist, and most of the people I know here in town aren't either.
 Metamora is an aging town with a significant portion of the population 55 and over. People making judgments based on antiquated and racist stereotypes are stuck in the past. Wisdom comes with time though, and change is gradual. Most of us just want to leave the world a little better than we found it with the hope that our children continue this improvement. Old ways of thinking make way for new and better ideas.
 Hatred and ignorance won't be overcome with more of the like. Kindness, love, and understanding are what is required to vanquish the wickedness of the world.
 This story will be continuing as there are further developments.  I wish all the families involved a quick, peaceful, and helpful resolution. The "bully form" MTHS informed parents about in a mass email last week is a step toward peaceful solutions in the future. I spoke with a school representative and told him exactly what I thought about this form and how they handle "difficult disciplinary situations." They assured me the school always tried to do their best.

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