Friday, October 13, 2017

Citizens Advisory Committee at MTHS 10/11/2017

Citizens Advisory Committee at MTHS 10/11/2017, Metamora Herald

 There was a more massive turnout than usual for the high school's quarterly Citizens Advisory Committee meeting. These meetings are "to review different aspects of the school and provides another avenue for two-way communication between parents and MTHS." The recent happenings at the high school concerning a racially charged video created and shared by some of the freshman football players was the unfortunate incident that brought many people out. October is bullying prevention month, so the topic was in line with what the school and local community needed to discuss.
 Parents of the children who were targeted by the video spoke along with school officials. Community leaders from Metamora and Germantown Hills also talked about unity and coming together. Illinois State Police officer Ross Green from the local District 8 office spoke about legal ramifications of this type of behavior. Heather Little, mother of a local boy who tragically committed suicide last year also addressed the audience.
 There was a "breakout" meeting after the speakers were finished to help facilitate conversation between individuals. All of the individual groups were at tables place around the gymnasium. There was also a table in the middle of the room with paper and pens for community members to make comments privately and anonymously is they wished.

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