Sunday, October 29, 2017

Businesses closing doors in Metamora

Businesses closing doors in Metamora, Metamora Herald

 Last year Borkholder Building & Supply closed its doors. Now the True Value that served our community in its stead has started the process of selling off inventory to end operations here as well. 
 One of the most historic businesses still in operation, albeit it has changed owners and names, the bar at 104. W. Niles will be closing soon. It has been called many names Rankensteins(sp), Horses & Harleys, and its current incarnation Home Turf Tap. The establishment has been operated by owner Charlene Smith for years now and is quite the favorite spot for many here in Metamora. She has decided to retire for multiple reasons and will be missed.
 There are other businesses that have called it quits recently too. It seems the business climate here is not conducive to profitable operations. If the broader community does not support local establishments, then the town will continue to lose these valuable contributors.
 What are your thoughts? How can this trend be bucked and local business be promoted? What other factors are there to consider?

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  1. Rural America has been under duress for decades. We're being pushed into the urban areas for the sake of survival. A real travesty...