Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting 9/5/2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting 9/5/2017, Metamora Herald

 Becky and Teresa from GFWC Illinois Junior Woman's Encore Club asked the Board for permission and input on the idea of displaying artwork and a plaque around town in honor of recently deceased local artist Greg DePauw.

 Mayor Ken Maurer reported on several letters from inspection of water treatment plant, all with positive results.

 Metamora Fields raw water charge increase was discussed.

 The discussion began on installing solar panels on some village property. More on this in meetings to come.

 Metamora and Germantown Hills will soon to be connected by a bike trail.

 Trustee Nauman discussed changing the ordinance for water shut off re-connection procedure and ending pool credit.

 Trustee Vericker spoke about the municipal parking lot and the rules he and Chief Todd are working to post there.

 Mayor called for a motion to go into executive session.

 Full audio of the meeting available here thanks to a gift from Josh Ketcherside and Illinois Central Towing.

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