Sunday, September 24, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Restrooms on the Square

Letter to the Editor: Restrooms on the Square, Metamora Herald

 I sincerely hope the village board is not considering putting restrooms in the park!  My husband and I have lived on the square longer than anyone in the community -over 45 years-    and we can give the board and any interested parties a short course in the history of what could/can be done or not done with the area. I would be more than happy to offer my help and meet with the board to discuss the plans and even alternative ideas.
 As far as park rules are concerned, here are 4 that have always been considered major: #1 There is to be parking in front of the Court House, on either side of the street, and that includes rides or booths during Old Settlers. #2 Nothing can be sold on the band shell in the center of the park.  #3 No alcohol is allowed in the park.  #4  No structures can be built in the park.  As far as the latter goes, I remember many years ago being in the Court House and reading a document that stated this fact.  I even remember where I was standing and with whom I was standing. Apparently, our founding fathers didn't want people with Sears Catalog pages/toilet paper stuck to their shoes while strolling around the park.  There's much wisdom in their thoughts and the present board to follow the same line of thinking!!
Phyllis Nevins Dietel
111 East Partridge Street

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