Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Great weather, good concert mix boost Illinois State Fair crowds

Great weather, good concert mix boost Illinois State Fair crowds, Metamora Herald
by Corey Coyle cropped

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois News Network

Illinois State Fair Manager Kevin Gordon is fond of saying that a successful fair is 85 percent weather and 15 percent planning. 

Gordon said Thursday that the weather did its job this year. It only rained for a few hours on one day. That helped increase the State Fair crowd by 15 percent over last year. 

"The weather was great," Gordon said. "Obviously when you get a little bit over 0.6 of an inch of rain as opposed to 7.75 inches of rain [like in 2016], that makes a huge difference."

The preliminary head count shows 401,658 people attended the 11-day fair. Gordon said the same numbers show a record number of people, 59,023, bought a ticket to a State Fair concert. 

An eclectic mix of musical acts helped, he added. 

"A group like Pentatonix. We've never, never in the history of the Fair had an acapella group out there. And then they sell the second most tickets ever," Gordon said. "And you have Five Finger Death Punch, which is a hard rock group. And they sell 13,200."

The 2017 grandstand lineup brought in nearly $2 million.

Gordon said he'll remember the success of that mix of concerts and musical genres for next year's fair. 


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