Thursday, July 13, 2017

Metamora Square Upkeep

metamora herald plants

Ever wondered about how the Metamora Square looks so neat and well-taken care of. The grass is always trimmed and the foliage is so well maintained. All of this hard work to make the Square look so great is done by a wonderful woman Pat. She is shy and wouldn't let me take her picture but she deserves to be recognized. Thank you, Pat, for all your hard work and dedication to making our town more beautiful. The Square looks amazing and we appreciate all that you do to make this possible. 

metamora herald park
Pat mowing

Now, of course, she can't do all of this alone. With the donations by Cliff's Market and some volunteers from time to time the park looks great. Thank you, Cliff's for the annual donations of plants and flowers, etc... It is so nice of you to help our community look beautiful. If you get the chance stop into Cliff's and say thanks and let Pat know you appreciate her some time. Thank you to the volunteers as well.

metamora herald mulch
Mulch donated by Cliff's and put out by Pat

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