Friday, July 28, 2017

Local Entrepreneur Profile Highlights Family Business Geo's Pizza

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I had the privilege of interviewing a local family business owner/operator. Patrick Caplis, whose family owns Geo's Pizza of Metamora, established in 1996. Patrick's dad had a great idea and a delicious recipe for success. I for one am glad they decided to place their restaurant here. Opened from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Sunday - Thursday, Friday & Saturday 4 pm-11 pm, and Wednesday and Sunday an incredible pizza buffet from 5 pm-8 pm. Delivery, carry-out, dinning in are available, and you can order online at

This is an excerpt from our interview.

1] How did your family get started in the pizza business? Is Geo's a franchise, or is it a family business? Is your dad still involved?
My dad started in the pizza business almost immediately after college. He had graduated from Bradley with business degree. Geo's was originally started as a franchise by the name of Marchelloni's. After determining that the franchise did not produce the information and processes necessary, my dad and a few others left the franchise. My dad allowed them to use the name Geo's Pizza when they left. I only know of one other Geo's that is still open, and that is located in Coal City, IL. We did not ever own that Geo's. Right now, Geo's is a family business (I typically manage there on Saturdays), and we do not have plans to franchise in the future. My dad is still involved, but he leaves the day to day operations to our General Manager, Kevin.

[2] Are you guys looking to expand or relocate here in Metamora?
We are never closed off to the idea of expansion or relocation, but there are not any concrete plans to do so right now.
[3] Are there any charities you support, or local sports teams you sponsor?
We do have a small budget to support local charities, but we like to do mutually beneficial fundraisers. For instance, Great Oaks & St. Mary's have put on fundraisers with us where we donate 10% of the evening's sales to their organizations.

[4] Do you guys also own Golden Corral?
We are part owners in the Peoria Golden Corral. We took over the ownership and management of that company at the start of 2015 (about 3 years after it had opened). We are also part owners in a steakhouse called Two25 in the Mark Twain hotel in downtown Peoria. Bob Eid, one of the brothers who owns One World Cafe is the other owner.

[5] What is your favorite pizza toppings?
My two favorite pizzas are a thin crust cheese and a thin crust Primo (no onions add ham). We call this pizza "The Big George" as it is also my dad's favorite. 

Patrick, his family and their businesses will participate at the IL State Fair. Patrick said "We have 5 booths there and serve a variety of food. If you want a slice of pizza and a lemonade shake up our pizza trailer is located near the building called "The Shed" next to the Carnival Midway rides!" Sounds fun! We all love fairs, right? So if you get the chance check Geo's Pizza at the fair, or here.
Thank you, again Patrick for taking the time to do this interview. By the way, my favorite is the thick crust Classic Combo, so good. What is your favorite?

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