Monday, July 24, 2017

Don and Ester Miller's Garden

metamora herald hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea so beautiful!

The glories of planting a garden are numerous. Working with the soil, getting your hands dirty, and planting seeds of life and watching them grow into a beautiful vegetable or flower can be invigorating. The different types of gardens and gardening are numerous. It seems everyone has tips and tricks that create a cornucopia of foods and plants. Knowing which plants to plant together, which crops to plant at certain times, starting seeding in your home, and what fertilizer, if any, to use. Sometimes nature is so generous with this bountifulness that gardeners often share their "wealth".

metamora herald garden

I have had the privilege this summer of being bestowed upon by my wonderful neighbors, Don and Ester Miller. The Millers are a retired couple in their 90's and they have the most beautiful garden. Every day I see them working meticulously on their lawn and garden. I am so grateful for the delicious home grown zucchinis and garlic they shared with me. I asked them if I could take pictures of their garden. Ester said she didn't mind as long as she wasn't out there. Don wasn't as camera shy.

They have the most gorgeous hydrangea bush. Don told me his granddaughter bought this for Ester years ago and after putting it in the garden the usually always white flower blooms turned blue. Don says wasn't sure how it happened but it is very addition to the garden. There are many other types of flowers around the yard. Don says this is their hobby and it is a lot of work, but it beats sitting around watching television all the time.

metamora herald garden pictures
Some of their garlic is as big as a baseball.

Ester spent time showing and telling me so many different things about planting and canning. I can't remember everything, but I do remember she started her sweet potatoes in the house in a jar of water. When the eyes sprout they put them into the ground and let nature handle the rest. She also explained to me the way she makes her own homemade garlic pickles and they sound delicious. Her instructions were so inspiring that I plan on trying out some of her methods myself. 

metamora herald japanese beetles
The Japanese beetles eating away.

I asked Don if he had any trouble with insects this year and he stated the Japanese Beetle was eating some of the vegetation. They do their best to minimalized pest interference, but some things can more challenging than others when dealing with such a large garden. I had a very great time talking with the Miller's and I am so grateful for their knowledge and for sharing. 

What is your favorite plant/vegetable to garden? Share your thoughts, comments, or pictures.

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