Monday, June 19, 2017

Zoning Board Meeting

metamora herald zoning board

Thursday, June 15th,2017, I attended my first Zoning Board Meeting. This particular meeting was about the new Township Hall and the requirements and ordinances set forth by the village. By now, you probably know that Metamora Township has purchased the land located on the corner of N. Niles and Madison St and are going to try and have this project completed within a year. The Metamora Township High School has purchased the current Township Hall for their new bus barn and I am sure they are looking forward to using the new property purchase. However, rules and regulations are holding up the progress just a little.

First, IDOT has stated they cannot have their new entrance on Rte 89 (N. Niles), because it would create a dangerous intersection. The entrance has to be on Madison St., and Josh Ketcherside, [local business owner and member of the Zoning Board] noticed that the entrance they had planned was only 35 feet wide with 5 foot wings. He suggested due to the turn/corner on the streets there, they may need to widen the driveway by 10 more feet, making it 45 with 5 foot wings on either end. Sounds good to me, nice work Ketch.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the length of the rest of the driveway, height of gates/ fences, shrubbery, and all the different rocks/salt that needs stored and how high the mounds can be. Now any adjustments has to be approved by the Village Board first, then they will be able to proceed with construction. Don't forget Monday, June 26th, at 4:00 pm, there is an open bid meeting for construction companies at the Township Hall, 809 N. Wiedman St Metamora. If you know of anyone interested, please let them know.

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