Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Village Board Meeting June 6th,2017

Metamora Herald Legion post 89
Rodney Nauman American Legion Post #89

The Village Board Meeting was quite interesting as usual. The first person to speak was a gentleman from the American Legion Post #89. He asked if it would be alright if the Legion updated the War Memorial on the square. (Apparently, it has not been updated since the Vietnam War.) Rodney Nauman was there representing the Legion and stated that some members had offered to pay for some of the updates. The first step of this will be getting all the names of all veterans from after the Vietnam War until present. If you know of any veterans who may not live here anymore or have passed away, please notify the Legion so this project does not have a further delay. Expect to see more information on this shortly.
There were many other topics discussed as well. An update on an ordinance concerning broken down and dilapidated vehicles was reviewed. There was also discussion of property purchases for possible future expansion of the firehouse. The board also approved a payment of an invoice for cloud storage for $3000.

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