Saturday, June 10, 2017

Inoperable/Junk Cars Will be Ticketed Soon

metamora herald junky car

At the Village Board meeting on Tuesday June 8th, there was much discussion about amending an ordinance of the Village Code in Chapter 8.12, which refers to inoperable motors vehicles and also vehicles not used on a regular basis. Some of the board members thought it was important to note that just because an automobile looks bad doesn't necessarily mean that is doesn't run well. The wording of such was put in the ordinance and all agreed.

However, this only included the body of the vehicles, and therefor if your car has broken/cracked windows ( while being driven, no head/tail lights out) you could be ticketed or fined. All cars must have up to date tags, and if you are selling the car the tags must be current. Also all vehicles have to have been driven within a three month time period, meaning the car must be operable and moving from time to time. No longer can your car have a bunch of weeds growing up around them.

Specifics of when this will begin to be carried out weren't clear to me, but I am guessing soon. There have been many complaints about these types of vehicles to the Village Board members. If you know of anyone that has a vehicle as described above [or you have one yourself] please let them know to take care of it promptly before legal action is enforced.

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