Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cucumber Salsa Anyone?

metamora herald cucumber salsa

Summer is in full swing and it is so hot. Too hot to even think about turning the oven on right? Unfortunately, we can't all eat take out every day, can we? Well to beat the heat, cool off with a nice helping of cucumber salsa. Cucumbers are 96% water, have no saturated fat or cholesterol, are very high in vitamin K, vitamin B6, iron and help your body to hydrate from the inside out, thus keeping you cooler. Some of you might think cucumber salsa sounds strange, but live a little and try something new. This combination of crunchy, refreshing, and delicious veggies will please even the pickiest of eaters (my daughter like it). 

What you will need is salt and pepper, one large cucumber, one tomato, a small red onion, some fresh baby spinach, an assortment of red, yellow, green, and orange peppers, a few slices of a jalapeno, lemon or lime juice, and ranch dressing. I always say that food preparation is done to your own liking. I cut my veggies into small dices, however, you may have huge or tiny chunks. Mix all the veg together and pour the lemon/lime juice over them. Next, add the ranch dressing, you can use mayo if you prefer, mix until all the veggies are covered, Add a few dashes of salt and pepper to your liking, and enjoy! Great on tortilla chips or toasted slices of French bread or sweet bread.

INGREDIENTS      [a few dashes of salt and pepper]

1 large cucumber                       3 to 4 small colored peppers
1 medium tomato                      1 small jalapeno [optional]
1/2 cup ranch or mayo              1 Tbls lemon or lime juice
1 small red onion                      1/2 cup chopped spinach 

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