Wednesday, June 7, 2017

American Legion Post 89 Honor Roll Outreach Drive

American Legion Post 89 Honor Roll Outreach Drive, Metamora Herald

ATTENTION:  Military Veterans from the Metamora area and those who attended Metamora Township High School District #122 and served from the Vietnam War to the present war on Terrorism.  It is our goal to update the Veterans Memorial in our City Park, so your information is needed for us to complete this project.  Please note that you do not have to be an American Legion member to qualify and for families whose service members no longer live in the Metamora area, we ask that you inform them of our request so they can respond.

The qualifying dates of service are:
Lebanon/Granada – August 24, 1982 through July 31, 1984
Panama – December 20, 1989 through January 31, 1990
Persian Gulf – August 2, 1990 to the present

Please submit your info to or Legion by October 1, 2017 and if you have any questions, you may contact:
Rod Nauman      (309) 367-2464 (home)
Dean Zobrist      (309) 367-4440 (office)
Lynn Elbert          (309) 367-4724 (home)
(309) 367-2662 (barber shop)

Return your INFO to:
American Legion Post #89
P.O. Box 364
Metamora, IL 61548

Veteran’s Information Requested:
Name:                     ___________________________________________________________
Branch of Service: ___________________________________________________________
Dates of Service:                From:_________________________   To:_________________________
Rank Attained:  ___________________________________________________________
Where you Served: ___________________________________________________________
Phone Nr:             ___________________________________________________________
Comments:         ___________________________________________________________

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