Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Village Board Meeting May 2nd,2017

metamora herald village meeting

The Metamora Village Board meeting held May 2nd, 2017, was somewhat eventful.  There was some talk about the new hotel that could possibly be built here in the near future. There was a great turnout at the investor meeting last Thursday at Metamora Fields. If you are interested in investing or have questions contact the Village Board and they can help you out with that.

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of rain lately, and our village maintenance employees have been working many hours trying to salvage and keep damage to a minimum. Thank you guys and stay safe out there. There are so many problems caused by excessive rain, like clogged drainage systems. If you have any information about anything like that issue let the Village know so they can handle the issue.
metamora herald drain issues
corner of  Morgan and Chatham

Many changes occurred and swearing ins took place. We now have a new board. However, this is not what we had expected. Eric Scheirer began his term in his newly elected position as a Trustee. John Bockler a Trustee of the board for many years, decided to resign and he handed in his resignation. On the agenda for this meeting was a consideration of President Maurer’s appointment Dave Verricker. Dave has been a board member for a few years but was voted out this election and was beat by Chris Bowers by nine votes. However, the mayor/president appointed him a Trustee seat.Congratulations to the new board.

metamora herald vote results

If you are interested in the knowing what else was discussed during the meeting, go to the Village of Metamora website and check out the minutes after the next meeting MAY 16TH,2017, when they will be approved. You can also fill out a FOIA  for those minutes or any others you are interested in. Thank you.

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