Monday, May 15, 2017

MTHS & the Illinois Boys/Girls State

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I was browsing the MTHS website when I noticed an announcement about Illinois Boy State [IBS]. What is that, I thought. I clicked on the read more link and found that it is an organization that teaches boys about the inner workings of government. The boys participate in a mock government that consists of all levels local, state, federal, and they will also included judiciary and bill/law making. It is a week long event the will take place from June 18th-24th 2017 at  Eastern Illinois University. For joining in for the week long event the student could receive three college credits from certain colleges, a chance for a scholarship, depending on their participation level. According to IBS's pamphlet:

Participation in the Boys State program serves as
testimony to one's character and leadership skills.
This is an experience recognized by employers, service
academies, and university admissions boards as an
indicator of strong leadership and character traits.
Many colleges and universities offer their
own scholarships to those who attended the
Boys State program.

That sounds great, but what about the girls? Are there any future female leaders here at MTHS? I think there probably are so here is some info on ALA Girls State and ALA Girls Nation:

The time and place for 2017 event is the same as above. The cost is $250.00 per student which can be paid by a sponsor of some sort, an individual or an organization. Student must have passed their Junior year, other requirements are on the above websites.

This is something that would be beneficial to all students in my opinion. People should be involved at a younger age. America depends on its citizens to be involved as much as possible. Voting is so important. Seniors I hope you realize this and register to vote, your votes do matter and count. If any of our local students do attend I would love to do a follow-up article with you. 

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