Thursday, May 11, 2017

Metamora,Germantown Hills, and Spring Bay Going Green.

metamora herald st mary's school
St. Mary's School

My week keeps getting better and better. First, the bill for automatic voting enrollment in IL and now Chicago has put the deleted Climate Change info that was taken down from the EPA website on to City of Chicago’s website. Kudos IL! We have some forward thinking people here. Chicago citizens and government have been in the forefront of making it a sustainable/green city. The have initiated a Climate Action Plan and are planning to have the city up to date and completely sustainable by 2025. Here are some of the achievements they have accomplished.

 They have upgraded their transit system and installed bikes to rent as a greener form of transportation. There bike racks placed throughout the city for convenience. They have worked on making schools and buildings energy efficient. Chicago had also brought their use of plastic grocery bags down 42% in a three month period and have a program for stopping junk mail. Also, they offered reimbursements to residents for planting trees and shrubbery on their property. Chicago won the Sustainable Community Award and received $20,000 worth of trees as the prize. [2]

"As Chicago continues to expand and evolve its environmental agenda, there is an opportunity to create quality jobs, improve our neighborhoods, and build a higher quality of life for our residents," said Mayor Emanuel. "These plans allow the city to focus its environmental efforts on key goals which will lead to economic development and greater opportunity for all Chicagoans." [2]

metamora herald stream
Beautiful stream @ Metamora Fields

I noticed around here we are doing a little here and there to make our communities greener. GHMS just built on a new addition to the school that is energy efficient. I have also noticed the solar panels at various schools in the area. Recycling at your curbside is available through our garbage company, it is $11.00 extra a month. ADDWC is recycling our waste making the garbage we throw out less. I am hoping one day to see a facility like ADDWC here as well, but that is my wishful thinking.

I am going to talk to the Village Board at the next meeting coming up on Tuesday, May 16th and see if they are interested in getting involved with the [1] ICLEI program. It is an organization that encourages and helps local governments that are for sustainability. What other ways are we going green here? If you know of any examples write to me.

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