Friday, May 12, 2017

Metamora Parks and Recreation- Always Doing Something Fun!

metamora herald park district vases
Michelle and Paula's vases

The Metamora Park Districts DIY Night was so fun. I had my daughter go with for my Mother's Day gift, thank you Franchesca. We used tape and rubber bands and put them around vases/bottles and then spray painted them. We had to leave them to dry, but will be picking them up on Saturday, May 13th,2017 at their open-house. 

Did you miss April pass sale? Do you just want to see our new space and learn about what we have to offer? Come on up and get your pool passes, punch cards sign up for lessons, camps, classes or just come see who we are! We now take credit cards in the office making sign up even easier![1]
metamora herald park vases
Franchesca and Robin's vases

I will be attending the event and I can't wait to see how our project turned out. The next Adult DIY Craft Night is June 26th,2017 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The cost for that event is only $8.00 and it really is fun. If you like crafting come to the next event. Keep an eye out for updates on their Face book page Metamora Parks and Recreation. Thank you Paula and Michelle! 

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